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Jun 19, 2013
Nashville, Tennessee
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I use norwix products for floors and windows to clean. No lawn care service. Crazy thing is this last time she broke out in hives first thing in the morning before eating or going outside路*♀️ We have her schedule for an allergy test. I have heard mixed opinions on them but I’m not sure what else to do. Use fabric softener only for our clothes not on the sheets or blankets. We do use a hypo allergenic detergent.

Hmmm... we did the allergy testing on my Walter, and it didn't really show us anything... he had a LOT of 2/3s so we are concentrating on more of his food issues (just switched him to raw at night). Sounds like the testing may be your ONLY way to figure this out. How do you like the Norwix products?!! I have been thinking of using them as well... I have horrible allergies!!!

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