Has your bully seen a ghost?


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Jun 23, 2010
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Dogs can sense things, things we can't.

I read on another post that another member had an experience with a ghost and their dog.

I have too. Here is mine

We first moved into our house in March of 2001. Sophie, or Belgium Malanois, was not quite one at that time. Well from night one and till about a year after she would wake up at the same exact time. At 3:14am she would go to the top of the stairs, be watching down the stairs and bark. We would have to get up, turn the light on in order to get her back to bed. Very weird.
Well then we had a couple weird things happen as well, so we think it was truly a ghost. One experience was that when out by the pool, we were all listening to the radio and all of a sudden the CD player started and was playing a CD. Now the boys were little and it was just us four at home, all of us were poolside! freaky.
The second time we realized ghosts were here. Terri's dad had passed about 6 months before we moved into the house. Shortly after we did, in the middle of the night the phone rang. I answered and they asked for Terri. I was so sleepy I just said, Terri it is for you. She took it and said Hello. It was a voice saying HEY, her dads voice, then there was static. She didn't freak out, she actually got comfort from it.

Do you have any stories!
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Dec 28, 2010
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Our first bully Cass always saw things that we couldn't. She'd fly off the bed and down the steps after them with her hair standing up. The Boston would sit on the couch and watch things on the ceiling. We always said it was Mr. Metzler who used to live in the house. I believe I saw him at the foot of our bed one morning... :eek:


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Jul 28, 2010
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My bullies "see" things too! My husband thinks Im crazy, but wierd things happen all the time in our house. They stare at "nothing" and growl. They also run over to the stairs and just stand there like someone had called them over :confused:


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Aug 20, 2010
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We thought Chunk was seeing things when he could bark with his nose under the couch a few nights in a row. (My husband went so far as to put the couch up on one side so he could see there was nothing underneath, thinking he was looking for a toy.) So we started to think maybe, just maybe it was a ghost. (Although, I'm truly not a believer of ghosts.) Then this HUGE bug came running around the side of the couch and Chunk freaked out! I sucked it up with the bug killer (aka vacuum) and Chunk's been calm ever since. He's our "bug buster". :D


Mar 28, 2010
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My boys have never reacted to anything but I DO believe in ghosts for sure. I think we have guardian angels here or something because after having Sierra there were a few odd things that have happened. She has many toys that go off randomly (music) which at first was creepy but then you just get used to it. The most frequents was her little baby stroller that would play music and sometimes it would go back to back non stop for a half hour or so even. Usually when Sierra was sleeping as if to try and wake her up. lol. Another good one that happened some years back... When my hubby and I got married we had a small reception at my cousins house. His brother, my other cousin had passed a couple years before so he swore he was there a lot anyhow. Well we were sitting at the bar area with the bartender (a friend of family) talking about this very topic and all of a sudden the blender turned on right in front of us all. It was crazy and no alcohol wasnt to blame on the why we all saw it cuz my little niece who was 14 also was there and can back it up. :) My mom has a lifetime of personal ghost stories, I just LOVE to hear them all!

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