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Jan 27, 2010
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Good day to everyone! How are you? What are you up to today?
I think we should keep this thread going lol...

I am great today. Getting ready to plant my garden. cleaning the kids game room. and then going shopping for a new outfit for my meeting in Sac this Saturday... I should be working but after a few days of 40 plus mile an hour winds and clouds its to pretty outside not to go play lol... I think that Chief and I will walk to the bus stop to pick up the kids well at least half way lol..


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My peppers survived the winter! So I don't have to plant this year, thank goodness! My habeneros died but they were too spicy anyways. Hope you had a nice day! We had the vet come today and get the girls and pups all up to date.
Oh sounds like fun. We dont have vets that do house calls here anymore. Its hard to find a equine vet that comes out too. Today is going to be another beautiful day. I dont know what I am doing yet lol...
Grandparents came today, we went swimming. I love Arizona!!! LOL
Gym, shopping (food that is), prep meals, clean...typical day off lol but what beautiful weather...I agree I LOVE AZ! Will be doing the pool thing tomorrow and saturday for sure! Then I am heading to tempe for some bar/club hopping saturday night =^)
clubbing- ge'ez I'm getting old. I haven't done that for like 18 years!!!!!
LOL We go out dancing once in a while... I had a very busy weekend. Sat I was up at 2:00 am to get to the airport for my 6:30 flight to Sacramento... Got there did my whole day of training then had to catch my 6:30 flight home.. I am soo tired I just now got on the computer lol.. I am headed to bed soon...
Get some rest pendragon! I bet you and bbstbbles need it....

Last night I got a steam burn taking the foil off of my scalloped potatoes from the oven. It is all blistered, but sometime during the night it stopped burning. Have not had one that bad in years!!!
Ouch DSB that sounds like it really hurt.. I am sorry to hear that. I do hope it feels better soon...
it has been cold here in Arizona for 2days now!! What gives???


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Well I will jump into this one. :) Today I am going to meet the bully we may adopt. I am anxious, excited and nervous he wont be as perfect as my 2. Is this normal? I did feel that way when we got Mugsy, the pug too. Wondered how he would fit in with such a perfect bully.


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I cannot wait to see how it works out! Please let us know!

We adopted Mandy as well, and she was not a puppy--- Please don't worry, although it is easy to fall for a pup even when you do get one, the ones who have been with you for awhile always have a special place in your heartstrings. At first you will probably not like them as much as your own, but once you start to train them and spend time with them, doing your daily routines, you will fall in love with them too.

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