Gold fish crackers anyone?


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
Bulldog(s) Names
Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
The other day was super busy for me. I was waiting to leave the house and had my purse in the car seat that was on the floor and in it was the little snack cups for toddlers full of gold fish to keep Sierra happy while we were out. I walked out of the room and came back in a few minutes later to see Cutty giving me that "I didnt do it" look, as I smell a strong goldfish cracker scent. I look down and his face is on top of the cup with his tongue inside the lid licking out the fishies. Of course by the time I got there he was about done and only 2 were left. lol. Had to hurry and wash the cup and refill it in time to leave with Sierra. It was funny! Guess he enjoyed himself with those huh? :D
LOL That is too funny! I bet he thoroughly enjoyed those!! :) My friend was at my house once and had a cookie in her purse (one of those big bakery kind). Well she left her purse on the ground, while we weren't looking Samson got in there, pulled it out and ate half of it before we noticed! Bad boy :)
Pepper was a literal Junkie for those goldfish crackers. I was giving her a handful for a snack when I ate them until I realized that they are made from wheat flour and upon reading the ingredients they also have onion powder. Well needless to say she was none to happy when I made her go cold turkey. So now if I want to have some I have to eat the dern things in another room.
Sadie's still the resident tomato thief here. She got another yesterday lol!

Sadly enough we still can't trust her not to steal food if its available. My other dog Jay will ignore a plate of pizza crusts left on the couch (on purpose) allll night long. I think Sadie's issue is when she was at her first owners house she probably had to be tough and pushy to get her fair share.
Wow neither of my boys would ignore a plate of pizza crusts if left unattended. haha. Thats pretty good!

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