Frequently Asked Dog Food Questions

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Q: What should I be looking for in Dog Food when it comes to the English Bulldog Breed?
A: More commonly, you should look for a food that is grain & corn free, has plenty of enzymes and probiotics, and a good source of protein. Typically, unless you have a rare case of an active bulldog (a skateboarder for example), you want to feed less cups per day than what is recommended on the bag by half, and definitely want to reduce the protein intake. Grain & corn free is best for most bulldogs. With much study and investigation, we have found what we think are the best dog foods on the market for bulldogs. Click the link below to view our Top 5 Foods, and more importantly, WHY we choose these foods.

Click Here to view Our Top 5 Recommeded Dog Food Choices

Q: I see the food I am feeding is rated only 4 stars. Should I get a higher rated dog food?
A: Not necessarily. The rating above are basted upon all dog breeds. Bulldogs are different, so in some cases a 4 star food will do better with your bulldog than a 6 star food. But I would recommend that each dog owner at least TRY a higher rated food before you make that decision.

Q: I cannot find my dog's food on this list. Why?
A: If your dog food is not listed then it was not graded prior to April of 2010. But send me a message and I will gladly look at it for you. Or read our article on how to read dog food labels and finding bad ingredients BY CLICKING HERE.

Q: I still have half a bag of my old brand of dog food. Should I wait?
A: You should spend a minimum of 4 days switching your dogs food over to the new brand anyway. But I recommend a week or even longer. Here is why. Bullies have very sensitive tummies and you really must do it slowly. Even putting them on half and half for a week can be better. Start by slowly introducing the new food into their diet, a little more as each day passes, until you get them on the new food. If you switch directly from one food to another, your bully could experience any of the following: Severe Gas Pains, Diarrhea, Vomiting, or Lack of Appetite.

Q: Switching dog foods sounds expensive!! I have seen the prices of those dog foods and they cost 3 times more than what I am feeding. How can I switch when I am on a tight budget?
A: You probably will not believe this- but it really isn't very much more. If your dog is currently eating a 1 star food, it is full of fillers and does not have the nutrition or quality that the higher graded foods do. You probably give them 2-4c a day. When you switch, you will need to cut the intake of your dogs food by at LEAST half, 1/2c to 3/4c twice daily is all your bully will need to be healthy & fit. You can give them some carrot sticks, frozen green beans and healthy snacks.

Q: I have never even heard of these 5 and 6 Star Dog Foods, why?
A: I added this question specifically because that was what I personally could not seem to get through to my very own brain! The dog foods you see at Petsmart, or the in the grocery store, or advertised on TV don't put much cost into making their foods. They are paying for advertising. Look at the #1 ingredient in Purina for example. Corn. #2 ingredient. Wheat. That means the two worst foods for a bulldog is what most of their diet contains. High quality foods don't put all that money into advertising, it goes into the food. They depend on word of mouth advertising.

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