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Jan 31, 2010
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What do you know? I just started to google it some due to the epsiode we had last week with Olaf...I am begining to think this may be the problem. :confused:


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Yes this is exactly what I was talking about!!!


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Ya well its funny cause he has never made that "closed up" sound before! So on my way home from the park everything was fine and dandy just about to get home and he started to make that noise! It is sooooo scary. Another strange occurence in just the last few weeks is Olaf vomitting phlegm. As a matter a fact he just did it right now. A few nights ago he woke up jumped off the bed and threw up. When he breaths he sounds like he has a "snotty" nose. So yaaaa not too happy about it. Oh ya and from what I have read so far it is a GENETIC trait.


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I believe you are right that it is genetic, but I also could be led to believe that any bulldog could possibly get it, even if bred with good lines. Because bullies are a man made breed, the squished face of their breed, I think it could be possible to happen. I am not 100% sure, but it seems like my vet told me something regarding this before.
Ya I have read that if they have one that they should not be bred. Makes sense. It would be irresponsible to do so.
Absolutely. It confirms that somewhere in the lines (could be the great great grandpa) that had this, and passed it down. I read a little bit on it, it can skip many generations even. Such a dissapointment, but I believe it is a common trait in Brachycephalic breeds and can manifest itself. Are you taking Olaf in soon to the vet to check on it, and see if he does have it how severe it is?
Ya just spoke with our breeder about it. We are going to look into checking it out just to be on the safe side! Hopefully he does not really have an issue.
I am so glad you talked to her. Remember it could be nothing, but it is definstely worth checking on since this is becoming an issue with him. That was so scary I cannot believe it happened again!!!
My male bully has this problem and will have surgery next month. As I understand this is a problem of all Brachycephalic breeds and can manifest itself, but it could be really serious problem. Alex can't run and play long time because he can't breath normally. It so sad because he is so full with energy. I hope the surgery will go well and after that he'll be normal dog as my female. :(

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