How to fix a Cherry Eye in your English Bulldog


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I just saw this video and thought others here might like to see it. Especially if you have never had a pet with Cherry Eye. This is just a temporary fix, but it does work. The only thing I would do differently is use lubricating eye drops before I did this.



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cherry eye is fixed by surgery because they can put it back in but in one or two months it can come out again. But by surgery they remove it.
True, but if you have a puppy, alot of the don't want to get it surgically fixed right away (my vet recommends to wait a week or two), because more times than not, the other eye will do it also. Also, if you are going to is easier to do it all at once so your dog does not have to be put under more than once. My vet showed me how to do this and when I saw the video I thought it might be helpful to some.
Once one of my bullies got a cherry eye from an irritation, but it went away the next day and I never saw it again! Is that wierd?
Irritation, allergies, dust from carpet can cause it also. My old EB that died never had to have surgery. If he played too long on carpet, the gland would pop out and then went he went back to his crate for the night, it would usually be gone in the morning when we woke up. Vet said it was more than likely allergens in the carpet. Who woulda thunk?
Once one of my bullies got a cherry eye from an irritation, but it went away the next day and I never saw it again! Is that wierd?
no, it's not weird bulldog. my female eb has had a cherry eye come out in both eyes twice in her life, then go back in. that can happen.

i would suggest never having a vet remove the gland as a first plan of action. that should be a last resort. removing the gland can cause dry eye for life and requires daily drops. many vets are skilled at tucking the cherry eye gland back in place, which saves the gland. talk to your vet and if he/she is not familiar with tucking the gland, find a vet who is. it may very likely be well worth it for you and your eb :)

also, if you can keep popping the cherry eye back in (if it does not go back in on its own) during puppy hood, a lot of times, it goes away in adulthood. often in puppies, cherry eye is encouraged by nothing more than debris or allergies, etc in their eyes (and weak glands).

i'd really suggest giving it time before choosing surgery right away.

edited to add that in my experience, really rough play or unusual stress seems to be something that can encourage cherry eye to surface as well in some ebs.


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