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Apr 1, 2011
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Since we're not going to be getting our pup till later in ther year (hopefully) I have no reference to the size collar she's going to need.

We found one that we all like but have no idea what size span to get. What would work for a first collar (8 weeks to whenever)? thanks!
I would recommend getting a harness instead of a collar until he is well trained and will follow your commands without resistance. Collars are hard on the neck and throat and are also easier for them to slip out of. Princess Gracie even slipped out of one of her harnesses that was too big till we made it tighter. Bullies will try to back out of their collar if they decide they don't want to go the direction you had in mind for them to go ;)
Thanks that's the plan just getting the collar for I'd purposes.
Hi [MENTION=2135]jmill79[/MENTION]..we were given a great small fabric collar that is adjustable. We tighten it before heading out on walks. I am not home right now so can't measure..but I will and let u know asap. We plan on getting a harness to..for puppy really wanted him to use a collar too.
[MENTION=2092]JAKEISGREAT[/MENTION] thanks! no rush. Half my family is makin fun of me for buying this stuff so early but hey, I'm bored today and it's fun getting some stuff together!
Hi I have two 14 week old puppies and I brought them home when they were 9 weeks and I bought their collars before I brought them home. One is a little smaller than the other one, so one has a 16" inch collar and I want to say the other one is either 17" or 18" and they are on the very last hole, so plenty of room to adjust as they get bigger.

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