Chunk loves football but ...


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Aug 20, 2010
New Jersey
Bulldog(s) Names
Chunk aka Chunkster, Chunky Monky, Sir Drools-a-lot, Wrinkles Magee
These are his two fav games ... keep away and fetch!

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Chunk is such a handsome bully ... he has such a smoochy face that makes you just want to kiss it!! :heart:
Thanks [MENTION=959]kazzy220[/MENTION]! He does receive MANY kisses from all three of us!!! We love him to pieces. He, of course, reciprocates quite slobbery.
Chunk is such a handsome guy!! :heart: My Boston does the same thing with toys...if you ignore him he'll stick them with in your reach and when you go to grab it he tears off.
Chunk is a very handsome bullie.... like his sweater too. :)
Thanks! Really hard to find decent boy clothes and he likes them 'cause our apt is drafty even after 10mm plastic! :down:

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