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Feb 6, 2015
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I rescued a lovely deaf bulldog about 7 months ago named Trevor. He is now just over a year old.

A couple of weeks ago he developed Cherry Eye. It got progressively worse. I found through this site a great vet who is reasonably priced but about a 2 hour drive away to do the surgery.

I went to my regular vet and he gave me 2 types of drops. It has really helped and it has gone down about 95%.

My question then is... Should I still get the surgery?

The appt is tomorrow morning. Or should I leave it. I have booked off 15 hours for the 2 plus hours plus wait time for him in the surgery.

He had Cherry Eye once before and it went away but took a while. This time it was really bad.

Will it just come back when I run out of the drops.

Can they still perform the surgery if it looks pretty good or is it even a good idea...

All thoughts welcomed.


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Nov 5, 2012
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I would go by whatever the vet who was going to perform the surgery says, maybe you could call and let them know what happened and see what they say. I hope everything works out for Trevor, please keep us posted.


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Oct 8, 2012
Burlington, ON Canada
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Hi Christine, has Trevor been spayed yet? The reason I'm asking us because my female Blossom developed Cherry eye in her right eye when she was 5 months old, and at first we were able to massage it back in, but after a while it would pop out again, especially after play or exercise. We waited until she was 7 months old and had her spayed and her eye fixed at the same time, to avoid having to put her under anesthetic twice. Unfortunately a week later her other eye developed cherry eye and she had surgery again a month later to fix the second eye. It is quite common for one eye to come out first and then the second eye to come out later. I used over the counter Refresh eye drops from the drug store to help keep her eye from drying out while we waited for the surgery.

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