cherry eye surgery

  1. J

    Cherry eye

    Hello everyone, So my puppy Chloe is about to be 4 months and she is now showing cherry eye from time to time. I say time to time because I catch soon enough to rub it back in. But I noticed that it is now coming back more frequently mostly when she is playing and jumping around. I have...
  2. J

    Help Needed! My Bully has developed a cherry eye :(

    Hello! new to the board so forgive me if this has been posted, asked and answered before. My bully, Ramsay, has developed a cherry in his right eye. It comes and goes, but it mostly makes its appearance when he is rowdy. He is roughly 50lbs and was told benadryl could help with the irritation...
  3. Bizzymammabee

    Cherry Eye Surgery - Post Op/Healing timeline

    Ok so Ty had both of his cherry eyes tacked when he was neutered on Feb. 27th. They were really bad, the left being the worst. For the first few days post-op they were red which I figured. They seemed to be doing well. A week later when we went for his follow up, on the way into the car, the...
  4. C

    Help Needed! Cherry eye

    I rescued a lovely deaf bulldog about 7 months ago named Trevor. He is now just over a year old. A couple of weeks ago he developed Cherry Eye. It got progressively worse. I found through this site a great vet who is reasonably priced but about a 2 hour drive away to do the surgery. I went to...