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Jan 19, 2011
Thornton, CO
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My 5 month old bulldog is loosing his baby teeth and growing in new ones. Part of his bottom gum by one of his teeth is turning black; a few days ago it was pink. He already has a vet appointment on the 16th but should I be worried about this now?
Hello [MENTION=1738]shell80228[/MENTION] ... I'm afraid that I can't really help you on that one. Daddy is six months old and we've noticed that he is losing some of his baby teeth now too. Maybe call your vet and explain you've got an appointment on 16th but that you're concerned about the gums and see what they have to say .... or it could be that somebody on here has had experience of this and can maybe shed some light on it ......

We would love to see some pics of Grady ... and brace yourself because i'm not the only one who's gonna be asking you for photos of your bully!! :D
Yes Pictures please! Any chance you can provide a photo of the gums? Maybe hard to take, but I think it will help us understand the problem?

Welcome to the forums, I hope we can help you and your bully baby!
Welcome to our group! You've found the BEST place to get answers for all your Bully questions. I see you're from Thornton! We used to live in Thornton, near Colo. Blvd. and 136th. Small world! I really don't have any experience with black gums. But I'd be calling your vet and seeing if you can move up his appt., or at least speak to your vet. Maybe he can put your mind at ease til the 16th appt. And we'd all LOVE to see pics of your baby boy!
Vegas has some pink and some black gums, I just had to pull his lip up and down to look, his bottom teeth have some black gum but his teeth are perfect (for a bully, lol) I don't think it will be anything, and I never really noticed his gum's, he is 20 months old so I don't it will be anything but his coloring. Please keep us updated and PLEASE post some pictures of your baby, Welcome!!
You buy the dog something to chew which have cleaning and maintaining ability for the gums and teeth. You should also have constant check with the vet.
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