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May 27, 2010
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I am curious to find out about people who had an adult EB before adding another dog to the family. I'd love to adopt a dog, but my fiance and I are unsure how Lola will react. She loves to play with my parents' dog and I've never seen her not get along with another dog, BUT, it's obviously not the same as bringing a dog into HER home. I can see her loving having a playmate and someone to keep her company while we're not around, but I could also see her being very unhappy about having to share mommy and daddy's attention...

I would love to hear other people's experiences with similar situations.
How old is she? Cutty was about 1 year when we got Mugsy as his brother and he LOVED him from the start. In fact the biggest problem was Cutty licking his little tiny head and face all the time, kept soaking him. haha. I think if you get a puppy you should be ok because it will fall into place in the house whereas getting another adult you may have competition between the 2 for alpha. Unless your bully is older and maybe would get irritated too much by a pup I say go for it! It was the best thing we did for Cutty by far!
I agree with Cali~Jenn. It's a hit or miss if you adopt an adult dog into the family. Puppies are alot of work but adult dogs seem to be more at ease with a puppy versus an adult dog because a puppy seems to be seen as less of a threat. They also say that if you do adopt an adult dog have Lola and the new pup meet on neutral ground. Somewhere where Lola or the pup wouldn't feel the need to protect/dominate in "their" territory.
Vegas use to be an all type of dog lover. I thought the best thing for him would be a playmate. THOUGHT. I guess it's not really the 1st pet you have to worry about, it's the second. In came Orion and she wants everything her way. She will start spats with Vegas over anything and everything. Sometimes Vegas pokes at her and she reacts. Now Vegas has a chip on his shoulder and I no longer trust him 100% around other dogs. I still cart him off to daycare so he can get some playtime with other dogs, but he's no longer the easy going dog he once was. He's more cautious. Orion still tries to run the house. She just turned 1.
Lola is 3 and very active, which is why i think having a playmate would be a good thing. On the other hand she's a very needy (spoiled) girl and I'm not sure how she'll react to having a brother or sister. We have a cat, who was here first, and they absolutely love each other. This is tough. But I guess everybody's right when they say that you won't really know until you try it out. Thanks for chiming in everyone. I'd love to hear more stories, good or bad.
Meeting on nuetral ground is key- I hear this from many rescue volunteers. I wish I wouldve known this before we got mandy- with molly just having yuna and tidus, she was protecting her home and family- and now they refuse to get along. Still working on it- been several months now- still no luck. I am certain I am a huge part of the problem. At this point I am thinking of getting a behavioralist....

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