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Jan 27, 2010
Bulldog(s) Names
Molly, Mandy, Jesse, Yuna & Tidus
We live in AZ and it is very dry- and even though we have gravel throughout our backyard our bullie's noses get very dirty (probably because we have no grass!) and dry. What would everyone suggest for cleaning and moisturizing their bully noses? I wipe their face daily but cannot seem to get that dirt off their noses.

Also- how is a bully nose supposed to be? Wet or dry?
Not sure about the dirt but when my boys nose gets dry we just put vaseline on it and it fixes it right up. My boys nose isnt wet but it is maybe a miost black usually, until it gets dry then turns lighter.
Chester is always snorting "goodies" out his, I don't think it gets the chance to go dry! ;)
Vegas gets a dry nose also. We use vasaline...I think they are supposed to be more wet and cold vs warm and dry. Vegas once stole the jar of vaseline off the coffee table and took it into his kennel and had a snack. He had slick poo for a day!

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