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Aug 13, 2010
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lex 19 months
we got lex in march so we didnt have to deal with any cold weather. at nite its getting down in the low 50's but of course the days are still pretty warm.. i know theres a diff between every dog and i know every dog is diff but could yall just let me know when/if yall start putting coats on. and if anyone knows tx weather, we dont have seasons we have summer and winter, so i just wanna go ahead and get an idea of what we will be working w this winter..
Well I'm not gonna be any help here, it's shorts and flip flops year round :p
must be nice lol i would love to have warm cool weather yr round!!!
My sister moved there last year and as soon as it started real "winter" weather there she had to put sweaters on her pit. He is kindof a sissy dog though lol
Im in california so I am pretty sure I am not a good person to answer this one. haha. It gets cold here for us but not like you get thats for sure.
we're in vt, so it's been getting down to 30 at night and close to 60 during the day. we don't have a sweater or jacket for Horse, he just quickly goes outside, goes to the bathroom, runs inside and is back to sleep in 2 minutes! but he does tend to get cold and shiver very easily, if we go anywhere in the car I have to wrap him up in his down blankets and have the heat on high! so, i'm thinking it would probably be a good idea to buy him something warm to wear from Lou's Doggie Boutique!
ya this morning was pretty chilly when i got up "windows still open" and i felt his body and it was warm but his little ears were freezing, i checked bos ears and his were warm... not sure if cold ears has anything to do w him being cold or not.... i grew up w dogs but they were blue heelers and they would just curl up in the hay to stay warm when they had to be outside. i hate cold weather i love summer time, and jeff would rather have it 40 degrees all yr!!! jeff hates having to turn the heat on unless we absolutely have to cause we have old furnances and old windows that dont hold anything in. i keep telling him were gonna have to turn it on at some point for lex so he doesnt get cold and sick.... ugh men!!!!

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