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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
To cancel Orion's pet insurance? I currently use VPI for O, but learned of Trupanion thru another member. I was surprised that both Orion and Vegas were accepted! So, baby Vegas finally has pet insurance! I tried to call VPI and cancel her policy, but the girl on the other line talked me out of it for the moment. She was saying since Orion just was treated for a yeasty ear, that Trupanion might consider it a preexisting condition. She instructed me to check it all out before I canceled her policy. That was a month ago. So, I called this morning and tried again. The lady on the phone said I had to submit my request via writing! I'm not sure why! Anyways, I loved VPI..the only reason I'm switching is because Trupanion is now covering Vegas. So, I wrote out my request..and into the mail it will go! What large hoops I must jump thru!
Wow, if it were me I would refuse and tell them you wont be paying anymore bills so to cancel. lol. Ridiculous the things you have to do to get out of things. I tried to cancel my terminex pest control and wa stalked out of it 2 times. When I finally did cancel and my quarterly service time came my guy acted like he didnt know and still came out and sucked me back in. lol. Oh well.... Have needed them with the rats tho so I guess it worked out.

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