which "smiley" best describes your bully???


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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uhhh..with Chester, it would be :bust: And thanks desertsky for adding some new ones!
:whew: <---- That is Mandy. Always scaring the crap outta me, and this is how I feel when she is still alive! Then I give her a big ()! (Toads- cactus- lizards- whatever)

The rest I just give big ()()()() to, cuz they rarely find trouble. RARELY.
:pray: :blah: Go hand in hand for Vegas. Definately :bust: for their daily antics.
Orion has yet to find the perfect smiley.......
Zzzz. But there is a lazy one...
:whew: <----- Baby T, who is a nut and scares me on a regular basis with his antics

:D <------ Linus, who always makes me smile
After only 10 days now of a new regiment, new grain free food, and only fruit and veggies for snacks, We are seeing a huge improvement in Vegas's allergies....so his smiley would be.....:whew:........he is itching about 95 percent less!!!!!!! This is me and my husbands......:D....lol
Cuttys would be <o mainly because he is always wanting to play fetch so he has those puppy eyes going to suck you in. lol Mugsy would be :bust: just because he is always barking when the baby is sleeping. Otherwise they both are also Zzzz cuz they do sleep the rest of the time when they arent barking or playing. ;)
Horse's would definetly be <o, turned upside down half the time. He can be the most sweet, innocent dog in the world but can also be a huge PITA (@%1;[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION]@%1; taught me that one!). I wouldn't trade him for the world though!
Okay, I added more smilies :) I still could not find a matching 'no-no' smilies, so these will have to do! 35 of them to choose from now :up:

Lets see if [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] can describe Orion now! :p

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