What kind of treat do you feed?


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Feb 18, 2011
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Good Day Bullie Friends,

We know that there have been lots of posts and discussion about the type of dog food that we feed. And I know that I have seen threads in the past about the types of treats as well. So It's time to bring that up again.

I know that you are careful about feeding a premium dog food. What about the type of treat do you feed? If you are feeding a grain free dog food, is your treat also a grain free? Are you still having problems with digestion (poo, skin, etc) and wonder why? Check the type of treat you are feeding. It could ALSO be part of the problem.

Good Day~
Stig gets homemade treats ... dehydrated meat ... mainly beef lung. He's on the raw diet so we realized that his treats need to match it. We used to give him fruits before but he stopped liking them for some reason.
We pick Princess Gracie's treats carefully. No sense in giving her premium food and give her trash for treats. At the least we use grain free but lately we have been giving her sweet potato treats. We also cut them up into small pieces; she 'thinks' she is getting more... LOL
Right now, I have a small container that I keep some of her food in, and I use her food as treats. She goes crazy when I give her pieces of food from it and I know it's not going to jack up her system.

At some point, I'll start testing with other items, to see how she does (fruit, veggies, etc...) but for now, she loves getting food from the little box. :D
Lucy actually has bits of her kibble as treats and she is happy with that....Like you said no point getting a premium grain/wheat free food then go and mess up her system with treats.
plus the odd slice of banana, raspberry or blackberry :)
We don't do a lot of treats. Usually small pieces of frozen liver. Every now and again, I let them have a SMALL bite of banana or a baby carrot because they love it.
Besides some fruits occasionally, we feed FROMM and give them treats from FROMM.
We give lex baby carrots, froozen blueberries, cottage cheese and blue wilderness treats :) every once in a while we give him some pieces of steak
Oh yeah, ever since I was straightened out . It's grain free treats/ No PUP-a-roni for us. :nonono:
we're still potty training Lola outside, and teaching her basic tricks...heel and come are the two worst right now. Nevertheless, she gets treats quite often. boiled chicken breast, chunks of string cheese, apple, grain free wellness treats - venison flavor. we like venison too! just gave Lola two raspberries then she pooped on the carpet. not sure if the two events are connected or not. :)
oh geez, i forgot she gets two kongs of all natural peanut butter a day too. (crate pacifier)
They love their fruit--sliced apples are a favorite, as well as pears, and pineapple chunks. Also recently tried Blue Wilderness grain free biscuits. I am guilty however of giving them Milk Bone biscuits...only b/c i bought a 10lb box, oh, not too long ago...:ashamed:...when i wasn't so strict on the grain free part of their diet.
dried cranberries and dride apples we dry them our selves in a dehydrater. do a whole bag of cranberries and a couple of apples in one shot and it lasts about a month. that way im sure there are no phospates or sulfites in them. and it is a ton cheaper than buying them at the store from the organic foods section.

we also give her the occasional green bean that is frozen.

apples seem to be her most favorite.
Guinness gets frozen green beans, baby carrots and cucumbers. When we have it in the house, pineapple and watermelon

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i used to give mine frozen green beans and banana and such but seemed to give them runny poo so now i feed merrick lamb lung, pure bites chicken(100% freeze dried chicken), and just added evo grain free treats.

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