What does everyone think of taste of the wild?


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Aug 10, 2011
What does everyone think of TASTE OF THE WILD brand dog food i just started sammy on it because a friend recommended it to me and she works in one of the biggest pet stores in my area and lots of people feed there bully breeds this she said?:bully:


Aug 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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If you go to the home page you will find a link to our food rating list. I think it is in there. Anyway, finding the right food for your dog is trial and error. I hope you find what works best for your bully quickly.


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Mar 2, 2011
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I can only tell you what it did to my bullies. Their poo was runny. The gas was horrendous and the tear stains on Lola showed up and got severe. That is just my experience with it. Every bullie is different.

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Apr 3, 2011
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my boys loved it, but their poo was soft serve Oliver's tear stains never got any better until I switched them to Fromm the grain-free varieties.


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Sep 12, 2011
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We just switched to TOTW High Prarie about 2 weeks ago. The gas is super bad. His poo is soft-ish, not runny or mooshy, still looks solid, but not firm. I also give him salmon oil capsules every day. I think the next bag of food will be Pacific Stream (still TOTW) to see if that helps, and I've heard it's easier on the tummy. I also noticed him licking between his toes and his tail pocket is irritated & bothering him, which may be an allergy to the food. ? I'm going to stick with TOTW and hope that one of the flavors works for us. But it's (unfortunately) trial & error for each dog.


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May 28, 2011
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I was going to change to this if the salmon sweet potato pumpkin from nature's recipe didn't work out. I switched her to simply nourish because the nature's recipe had chicken digest (pretty sure violet has an issue with chicken) the silly nourish has none and its cheaper yay she's doing great ;)

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Sep 8, 2011
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Roscoe has been on the TOTW Salmon for a few days now. He seems to be doing well on it, but I'm still mixing it with his old food. He's had some gas today but it hasn't smelled NEAR what it did when he was eating the Royal Canin garbage.
He does seem to like the taste better though. Today he ate all his TOTW and left the Royal pieces in the bowl; then looked at me like 'why is that even in my bowl momma?' :tease:


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Apr 27, 2011
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i had sarah on it for a bit it was the salmon one and her poo was good but i think the potato made her yeast worse but otherwise it was ok. i dont know bout feeding a bully the 2 higher protein ones but the lamb and salmon should be ok. I have heard both stories bout it. some bullys did ok and some did not. just trial and error. good luck.
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Mar 7, 2011
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My 2 boys have been on totw now for about 6 mo. They seemed to like the pacific stream better than the high prairie. I honestly haven't noticed any change in Rollie,( not a yeasty dog)but does have allergies/thyroid problem. poo is fine with both. Winston's yeast seems slightly better. But we are still having a hair loss problem,(patchy in places). I am going to order some salmon oil to try. I wish this dog food thing was easier! Lol

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