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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
I just have a few I want to share.

We are going camping this next weekend and taking the babies with us. We are taking our quads down to the Oregon dunes..about a 7 hour drive for us. While camping, Vegas just loves to sit in his camping chair and watch the world go by. Sometimes his legs fall out the sides of the chair, so my husband and I have been looking for the cup style chair for him. I found one, although not exactly what I was looking for. It's not washable, but I thought it's a good waste of money to see him comfy. I brought the chair into the house and Vegas climbed up into it and would not get out. My husband said "it's a keeper". Orion never sits still, so I did not get her one. Here is Vegas in his new chair. I took the photo from behind the chair looking over.

Before our outing yesterday, my husband went on a errand. On our way to the BBQ, my husband said he found a chair for O. So, he pulled over at a garage sale and it was another bucket chair in purple. It was only 5 bucks, so I bought it. It's seems almost new....and guess who likes it?

Yep, Vegas. This one is actually more the bucket and it's closer to the ground so he can climb into it better. Orion? She can easily jump into the it doesn't matter which one she gets. So, it looks like Orion gets the blue one and Vegas gets the purple.

Just a few moments ago..Orion was laying in the sun. I don't know if its the way the sun was hitting her, but it looks like I starve the poor girl. She currently weighs 34 pounds, but LOOK at this photo! :detective: (crazy girls 2nd bandage is just barely over 24 hours old. I had to put flexible bandage over the white medical hold the tape on)

Just moments ago...Vegas decided to pose.

Earlier this week he decided to nap.

[MENTION=1906]GatorRay[/MENTION] was talking about bad luck coming in batches. Orion had to go pee this morning and since our grass is wet with morning dew, she has to wear a boot to protect her bandage. So, I get that tied on, and she bounces down the stairs and spots a bug. We don't call her "sissybug" for nothing. She immediately goes to put the bug in her mouth and jumps back........then goes for it again. I then realize that it's a bee. And she's just been stung. :poo: Can I just get a break here? My husband goes and fetches the bee while I give her benedryl. She's shaking her head like crazy and drooling like you wouldn't believe. No swelling. No redness. No problems breathing. I think I just got my break.

While I'm writing this..Vegas is checking out the camping chair again. Oh..I got it on video for you. (Listen for O in the background)

I guess that's all for now.
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Oh, goodness...glad O is ok! I swear, they just want to put everything in their mouths.

I LOVE those chairs and it looks like Vegas does too. I think I need to go looking for some for the kids (fur and skin). The video is very cute of Vegas getting into the purple chair. He looks so comfy!
What a great mommy you are, those are awesome bully chairs! Samson would love one! Oh and yes it does look like you starve O, poor girl looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks :ROFL: Not really! Samson looks like that when he is laying down sometimes too, it's just the angle, the way they are laying or whatever. I love all the pictures and the video, so cute! Baby O and Vegas pictures/videos never fail to put a smile on my face :)
He might have fit a little better without "good" in the way. His large squeaky JW ball, with feet.
Vegas and Orion overload :luv: I loved all the pictures and the one of Vegas crawling into the chair cracked me up AND gave me an idea!! I think VegasB needs one of those, it would be perfect for him. (and better for my furniture)
loving those chairs, Vegas looks very comfortable and they are easier to get into than they look. I always enjoy your photos and hearing about their days. :love: Vegas :love: Orion.
Just love seeing pics and videos of Vegas and Miss O, looks like she is getting around good on that bandaged paw, so glad it's not bothering her.
[MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] is that O in the background snoring? sounds like an elephant roaming the plains lol
Great pics, and I really laughed when his foot kept sliding out of the chair!! LOL!! I never let ruckus in Abbey's moon chair but I bet he would love it!!

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