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This has been coming up a lot lately in topics, so I thought it was time for a tutorial.

When you first sign up for English Bulldog News, you are a 'Newbie'. This is your User Title.

This title is proudly displayed everytime you post. But don't worry- you will not be a 'Newbie' very long. Because each time you post, you are earning a different Bulldog related job!

After 25 posts, you will get to proudly display the title of "Pooper Scooper". :eek:

After 50 posts, you will get promoted to a "Potty Trainer". :p

After 75 posts, you will get to be a "Kennel Cleaner"! :eek:

Don't worry, the more you post, the better- or sometimes worse- your 'job' will become!

We have decided that we do not wish to give out the surprise of future User Titles, sowwwwy...:(

The idea: When we first created EBN, we had the option to create user titles. So what better titles than dog related jobs, right? So us and our two oldest boys sat down and thought of whatever we could think of.....And then we had the staff chime in to come up with even more jobs.

Here is the levels of which your User Title will change:


and finally, the ultimate title awarded here: 10,000 posts!

*Note: If you upgraded to a 4 Paw Membership, you have the ability to change your User Title if you wish.

**Moderators and Administrators will always be displayed as Moderators and Administrators for their user title.
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