Tia's #2 Agility Class, crappy pics included!

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Feb 25, 2011
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@cali baker You should totally look into it. If you have a husband/child/friend who would be interested in running one of your bullies you could have them both go in, otherwise you could just do one. Or possibly they offer 2 different agility classes, you could do it with one bullie one night, and the other another night. It's a blast.

Tia is far from graceful, and by far not the "star" of the class, but it's such a FANTASTIC way to mentally (and physically) exhaust them! I do suggest to anyone thinking of doing this, since you use a LOT of treats (like a LOT), I personally buy several varieties of (chicken free) soft training treats....then I cut them into 3 -5 pieces each. this helps prevent Tia from gaining a bunch of treat related weight! I use these treats on my diabetic Rottie too, so he thinks he is the same as our other 2 dogs, but they are small enough pieces that they will be (hopefully) low impact on his blood sugar.

yes, I'm going to have to hire someone to go with me b/c i have none of the above (no husband or friends) :(

i think i am looking forward to that "mental stimulation" for my bullies. (and for me too)! :D

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