This just disgusts me. YUK.


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Thank you my buddy "C" on facebook for pointing this one out. (leaving out name for now, not sure if they want it to be known). Hopefully they will get shut down so fast they won't even realize what hit them!!!

Check out this facebook page, and just do a little reading and video watching. It's awful, these poor animals!!! :( *sigh* Why are people so cruel, all for a buck???!/profile.php?id=526117473&v=wall&ref=mf
did you read the part about his 7 pregnant females without AC?? :( :( :(
Yes but I can't read that stuff too long without crying and I'm at work so I didn't get too far before I had to stop :( I can't help but picture these dogs in my mind and it is so upsetting to me to picture that and what the dogs are going thru. I just can't understand how people can have such complete disregard for animal's lives and well being.
OMG! What is wrong people and even worse the fact that this person has over 600 friends who all apparently think this is ok. I did not see any videos thankfully cu I can only imagine what would have been on them but really 7 females being bred and sounds like this perosn is first class all the way! SICK!
This is Sad...very sad. I defriended him long time ago!!! they are MILLERS for real and all the dogs are living in filth..myself and a few other message him offering help and he said mind your F...n Business so i blocked him..His address was reported to his ASPCA!
could be, or they deleted their account.
Those poor puppies ......... there should be some way of legally shutting people like that down for good!
i have now found about 7 pages on FB that look like total puppy mills or they have puppies for sale from 2 parents that should have never been breed!!!! this is horrible!!!
awww man how can someone do this...wasn't able to read the link b/c it says it didn't exist but reading from everyones comments i can imagine what its about ;(

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