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Jan 27, 2010
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Introducing our latest "Then & Now" page!

It is called "Rescue- Then & Now". I hope you all get a chance to view it.

This is going to be a new series of 3 different pages, as you know we have the 'Our Bullies Then & Now' page, but we also plan on the next installment 'Dog Food Then & Now'.

If you would like to participate in any of these pages, here is what we need for the page:

Our Bullies Then & Now: 1 puppy photo and two adult photos

Rescue Then & Now: 1 photo of the dog now, and 2 photos of the dog when it arrived in rescue or during recouperation process. A small paragraph stating the details of the rescue, what organization rescued the baby, and a blurb of the dog telling us his story.

Dog Food Then & Now: 1 photo of your dog now, on new food with the results of the food change, 2 photos of your dog before your changed foods. Also please let us know what brand you were feeding before the change and which food you switched to.

Thank you everyone for your participation!
Since I've only had my girl a less than a month, I'll be taking future pictures for these pages I'm sure.

I love the idea. Its amazing to see the gorgeous bullies on the Rescue page and what they looked like when they were rescued. Absolutely heartbreaking, yet I feel overjoyed that there are people out there willing to bring them so far back to health.
I know I cried reading the two stories, partly out of sadness but also out of joy that they were saved! Truely remarkable. People just don't realize what rescues see constantly, it takes a strong person to become a rescue.

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