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Aug 20, 2010
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Initially Chunk did well on the Fromm Surf and Turf ... But after about 2 months, I'm not convinced it's what is best for him. His stool is looser than it should be, his ears and nose rose have seemed yeasty, I'm just not happy. So we have started the switch to Nature's Variety Instinct LID Lamb. Wanted to try a totally different protein source. Fingers crossed!!!
The only advice I could give is that if he's allergic to chicken that the Fromm Surf n Turf still has some chicken in it. Only the Beef Frittata is chicken AND grain free .....
I know ... And the beef hurt his belly. :( that's why I'm trying a different brand! It's too bad because otherwise I like Fromm!
Good luck with the new food. I hope he does better on it. Keep us posted!
I will be following this too - I am interested to see how your bully does on the NVI new limited diet offering!
i am interested as well. i fed sarah the regular nvi salmon and rabbit and she did not do well. i ofter wonder how she would have done on that. I like you am still looking for something to feed my bully. let us know how it goes.
Good luck!! Did you by chance try the grain free fromm? I guess maybe grain free will be your next switch if this all doesnt work. Such a pain trying to find the right food!
Thanks everybody! I'll definitely let you know how it goes!

[MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION] We started by trying Beef Fritatta and it messed up his belly. So we did the Whitefish for a while and that went well but I still wasn't satisfied that it was best for him. When we switched to the grain free Surf and Turf, his eyes stopped being goobery and we finally didn't need the eye drops!!! So I think the grain free did that cause that was a first. Soooooo I'm hoping staying with grain free and a totally different protein source will take care of everything. Fingers crossed!!!
i just switched to the nvi duck and turkey thinking my bully might not be handling chicken and potatoes so well. she itches a little in the ears and feet not bad tho. she has also always had soft stool. my main reasons for choosing the duck and turkey is it has the desired 1.2:1 calcium/phosphurous ratio and is also very high in fiber at 3.0%. seems nvi uses tapioca as their main starch component and the insedence nallergic reaction to tapioca is virtually non existent.

I'll post my results when im a couple weeks in to nvi. I can say i spent a few hours picking between fromm and nvi. nvi is easier to get here than fromm so i went that route.
[MENTION=2940]natemoore[/MENTION], I'm anxious to hear your results!!! That's for the input!!

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I'm kinda in the same boat...the dog food boat! I switched Jake to Fromm surf n turf..and he did about the same as old food..went to beef fritatta and he did much better..figured it was the no chicken thing. I'm now on my 3rd large bag and his :poo: is still too soft!! In fact..it has gotten softer as we go along. I'm going crazy trying to figure out what to try..no chicken for sure..grain free helped..thinking ...thinking....will watch this thread!
I'm still undecided with food for Ruckus too. I didn't even get him all the way switched from the Fromm beef to the Instinct and I stopped. His face, chin & paws are aweful. I've been reading about food non stop and found something that seems really good. Has anyone heard of Nutrisca?? Grain, potato, and tapioca free. Three flavors to choose from. 5* rating from dog food advisor too. I just never heard of the company that makes it. Dogswell??
[MENTION=1169]Piamitch[/MENTION]..no..I've not heard of it..but I hadn't heard of Fromm before here so that's not a bad thing! Is it on the dog food ratings page here? I'll check into it..thanks! Maybe [MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] has info on it...[MENTION=2291]cowsmom[/MENTION]..she is an expert at food stuff..she has tried this..I DO believe!
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