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May 25, 2011
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So I have been thinking about using Brewer for stud services but have no knowledge about it at all. First off I was wondering do I NEED to show him to use him as a stud? If so that ends all of my questions because I want him as a pet first. If I do not need to show him, what would I charge for studding him out? He is 100% purebreed and I have papers. He is only 4 months old right now so I have plenty of time to sit on this decision. Just was curious.


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Feb 18, 2011
Phx, Az.
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By many names depending on the situation?

The first question that needs to be answered is why do you want to put him at stud?

You will find plenty of breeders here in this forum. There is another section just for breeders.
Since we are a breeder, here is my opinion.

The first thing to consider is the bloodlines. A 100% purebred EBD, AKC registered, does not make a stud dog. With so many studs to choose from, the pedigree needs to be considered. A local CH in the top and bottom lines could be from a local or even regional shows. Alternatively, to have world champion, international multi champion bloodlines make for a better stud.

While showing is NOT necissarily needed, it does show that you believe IN THE QUALITY of your dog or bitch and are willing to let judging decide.

I am not trying to talk you IN or OUT of your decision. PLEASE just be certain WHY you want to get involved.
Being a breeder is MORE than just making puppies. A responsible breeder MUST be a steward of the breed.

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Mar 25, 2011
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Unless you are absolutely certain he is 100% health certified..with no problems in his shouldn't consider it. That's a process others can explain..but the important thing is to make this breed stronger and healthier. It requires much more knowledge than I can explain. There is an article here about that to consider before a great place for you to start!
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Jan 12, 2011
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Before you make the decision I have a few pointers as well.....

* I agree with all of the above
* If he is house broken, after you use him as a stud he may start "marking his territory"
* Dogs he always got along with, males and females may become enemies to him after using him for stud.
* You will have to be more careful when taking him for walks and out of the house because he is going to want to smell everybully and even nonbullys :)
* If you have a Good EB with good confirmation you will not be able to breed naturally and you will have to learn A.I.
* A bulldog female does not go by the same code as other females.... I have seen some ready to breed on day 4 all the way to day 28, what does this mean? you will have to make sure every female is tested before you breed them to make sure they have pups.

Good Luck with deciding!!

I am not trying to discourage you but I have seen a ton of people say they CAN do this only to fork out a ton of money to find they CAN'T.

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