Stolen Brindle Baby with White Markings


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Mar 22, 2010
im not sure what to tell you.....
younger hispanic male came up and spoke with my children...we have people stop and pet our dogs and vise biggie.
***im totally beside myself for not being the one outside, in the first place! It usually was me or my husband but the kids just wanted to help....AND im installing a rear door in my house, so no one sees what we have or dont have anymore...i also told my husband i think i want to install cameras...
this guy was asking the kids questions and my son came in and says this guy wants to know if you wanna sell like yeah, whatever....figured it was a whatever question, so i didnt go outside.
....i never thought someone would just take a puppy from a child....
after it was all said and done i found out he was asking can she take babies, is she a pit bull or something? so on so daughter was holding her and talking to him when suddenly he took sasha out of her hands and ran around the corner with our puppy, jumped into a white van with a green stripe. driver was an older hispanic male, younger hispanic male had short spiky hair formed into a mohawk, there was a few others in the back along with a child in a car seat. they drove off while my children ran behind them crying and screaming. my son ran right out of his shoes! as the fella ran around the corner, my neighbors daughter told her mother that i think trishas puppy was just neighbor and her ran into the house telling me, i went outside and it was tooo late! we have been looking everywhere! i have put up fliers all over, and hope she will be returned! she has been gone since march 4th around 4:15ish...
about a week ago i got a phone call saying they had my dog.....i believed them right up to the point when they asked me if there was a store around, would i go and western union money to them, so they can buy a kennel to bring her home to me. when i asked for a picture to be sure, they didnt have a camera, when i asked for the store they wanted to buy one from so i could call ahead and purchase, they told me they werent trying to steal money from me, they were trying to help me, and hung up! they told me to do it and call them back...
i wanted it to be true.....
any info for me would be good! text...calll...pic mail 616-366-5600

we are possibly trying to find a new puppy if anyone has any information or is willing to help us out, also please feel free to contact me. :(:confused:

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