Rest in Peace Pretty little Gunny


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Aug 1, 2010
Schertz Texas
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100_1436.jpgThis is Gunny, this pretty little girl was listed on Craigslist as a 2 year old EB for sale in Feb 2010. I responded to the ad and bought her. I had her vetted and come to find out she was actually 7 or 8 and had bad hip displasia and arthritis. But regardless, I completely fell in love with this pretty lady. She was the sweetest most loving dog I had ever had. Except, she hated my Schnauser mix and they fought to the point that blood was drawn. I made a decision to use the English Bulldog Rescue network to rehome her and we found the most loving man who wanted to adopt her. You could see the bond they had they moment they met. I didn't have to worry. This man took her with him on vacation out east and loved to take her on short rides in his truck as well and he loved her even more than I did I am sure of that. And then all of a sudden on this past Sunday she became ill and was trying to throw up and she couldn't, she went downhill fast. He rushed her to the vet to find out that she had bloat and pnumonia. Gunny passed yesterday. God bless this little girl, you will be so missed.
I am sorry for your loss. I am sure you will miss her dearly, I am happy she found you and the next owner to give her a wonderful life.
so sorry to hear about gunny :*( but glad to hear gunny had a wonderful home sounds like they loved each other dearly.. how is the man that had gunny hope hes doing well
I am so sorry to hear about Gunny. Sounds like she had a perfect life in the end so thats the important thing. She had such a sweet face and her eyes are just beautiful.

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