Question about bathing our English Bullys


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Oct 4, 2011
Hi i'm new here, got my english bulldog about 2 weeks ago she is now around 8-9 weeks. I was wondering how often i would be able to give my Snowy a bath? Once a Week? Once a month? I ask because i've read its bad for the coat if you give them baths too often. I would like to keep my Snowy as clean as possible :hahaha: Also how long should i let the puppy shampoo soak in for? I have heard i should leave it on for about 10 minutes before i rinse? Any help would be appreciated

Here are some pictures of Her :) She is solid white.







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Jun 7, 2011
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she is adorable! i only fully bath my bully when she is visibly dirty or smelly. which really isn't very often. but on another note, i see her with rawhide in your pictures, i HIGHLY recommend that you take it away and do not let your bully have rawhide again. they can be a very dangerous choking hazard for bullies.


Sep 16, 2010
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I wash Stig and Punkin whenever they get stinky too. They go to daycare during the week so they get bathed at least once a week.

Oh, and be careful what kind of chewies you give them. Pig ears, rawhides and such are big no-nos here.

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Feb 25, 2011
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Hi, welcome to you and Snowy! :hiya:

You've definitely come to the right place for all your bully questions.

I bathe my boys every 6weeks, or whenever they start to smell "gamey"! OR, if they've gone to the dogpark, then they get a bath. I also give them a light wipe down every day with a baby wipe and witch hazel. I haven't heard anything about letting the soap soak in for 10min. I don't do that, just lather them up and rinse very, very well. Oh, and don't get water into their ears b/c that can promote an infection. A trick is to stick dry cotton balls into the ears while you are bathing them, and when they're done, take them out of the ears.

I cannot view your pics of Snowy on this computer but i bet she's darn cute! I have a white bully too.:D

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Sep 1, 2011
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Man she is awesome looking....
Jack gets a nice foaming lathering bath once a week... and I'm always washing his paws and butt area just to keep them clean...

Get Snowy a Nylabone... She'll love it just as much ...
Welcome and thanks for the pictures!



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Mar 21, 2011
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First Snowy is such a doll, very cute girl and second welcome to the site, we are glad to have you here. We only bath ours about 2 times a year, unless they get dirty for what ever reason or if they start to smell, which is rare. As others have said raw hides and pig ears are a big NO NO. We only give ours Nylabones or Kongs to chew on. We do not give Greenies either, choking hazard. Will be looking forward for more pics of your little cutie as she grows.


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Mar 26, 2011
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She looks like a SWEETIE! We bathe Lupe at least twice a month with Buddy Wash. Best stuff (for us). also, at that age you can start getting her used to your massaging her little paws so that later there's not a lot of drama when it's time to trim nails or peek around for gunk.

One thing: when we first bathed Lupe (in the kitchen sink) at 11 weeks old, she got really cold after, even though it was July. She was shivering very deeply. SO scary. Luckily I had a load of towels drying and we wrapped her up in a warm towel and I got a heating pad.




Aug 4, 2010
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We found a distinct difference in how HRH smelled when she was eating Bil Jac compared to eating a good food.
With the Bil Jac she smelled like a stinky dog within a few days after her bath.

On good food she goes on average about a month between baths. We lather with Selsen Blue rinse then lather with Oster Oatmeal dog shampoo. Rinse very well. Then dry.

The kind of dog shampoos that require sitting for 10 minutes are the ones designed to kill fleas. We use once a month flea control from the vet so don't use that kind of shampoo.

Snowy is adorable....but you will hear all sorts of horror stories concerning bullies and intestional blockages because of rawhide. And we learned early how greenies and Gracie don't mix. She choked on them because she tried to swallow them almost whole. She does really well though with large Nylabones and deer antlers.
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Oct 4, 2011
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Thanks guys for all the helpful advice. I guess I will give bathe her every 1-2 weeks depending on how dirty she is. She is inside the house all day so she doesn't get as dirty quick unless she steps all over her poo and pee. I took away the rawhide as well thanks for the heads up would hate for her to choke. Hopefully she didn't swallow Any of it. I will be buying her some NylaBones :)


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Mar 2, 2011
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She is beautiful. I give mine a bath every one to two weeks. Ive been using the selsum blue followed by oatmeal per BruceP suggestion. Its working great for Rollow who itches all the time.


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Jun 23, 2011
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Man she is awesome looking....
Jack gets a nice foaming lathering bath once a week... and I'm always washing his paws and butt area just to keep them clean...

Get Snowy a Nylabone... She'll love it just as much ...
Welcome and thanks for the pictures!

Ditto. I'm with JackDaniels on all fronts. I love giving my dogs a bath! Bea LOVES her baths and Bo is slowly coming around.....that vigorous towel massage at the end will win over the worst bath hater!

Rawhide is evil. So are "bullysticks". My kids get a very occasional treat of those big beef bones with the pretend marrow in them - peanut butter flavor, chicken flavor..etc. The LOVE those - but god knows what's in those things....?

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