Puppy with diarrhea at night only


Jul 11, 2010
United States
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Bentley, Linus, Truman
On Friday, Truman and Linus both went to the vet. While at the vet, I bought them some treats that must have been spoiled or something because both dogs had violent diarrhea after consuming them. I threw them out and gave both a bland diet and things cleared up.

Well, since then, Truman has been eating only dry food with a little plain yogurt on top but is still experiencing loose stools at night. What makes this more puzzling is that he doesn't have accidents during the day and when he poops during the day, it is firm logs. Around 8-9 PM at night, he will usually go one more time but the past three nights he's been waking up with diarrhea.

What could be going on here? I am baffled. Again, the loose stools only happen at night time. He produces firm stools during the day. I am currently not feeding him anything other than the dry food with a dollop on plain yogurt.
Try taking the yogurt off for a few days.

If he is experiencing gas pains at night trying to he it in can cause loose stools. Do you giive the yogurt with your evening meal or morning meal? If it is both, this is probably too much in one day. Also, when did you start with the yogurt?
I started the yogurt after he went 24 hours without food after his first bout of diarrhea on Sunday. I gave him a little on top of the bland diet. He seemed better but has had diarrhea at night so I took him off everything other than dry food and it was still there at night then started the yogurt again today, for breakfast only. I am feeding him twice a day - 6 AM and 4 PM, if that helps.
I do yogurt every other day myself at the most. Yogurt is kinda strange, sometimes it constipates and others it makes creemies. My dogs poopies are so stiff most of the time I could slice them with a knife, but I do notice sometimes in the morning if they really, really need to go it can be softer from them holding it in.

It can also take days to relieve an upset tummy, especially for a sensitive bully. I would probably stick with dry food for a few days with nothing else, until you see improvement.
Thanks, I will try just the hard food again and if that doesn't work, I'll try a day of the bland diet again. Linus got over the illness without incident but I am thinking because Truman is just a baby, he cannot deal as easily. I am just truly baffled by the solid poops during the day but soft stools at night but your point about him having to hold it and producing a loose poop makes sense.
I have to say it really sounds like anxiety. Is Truman breaking out in any large bumps or hives? Does he sleep with you or in a kennel, and if its a kennel does he put up a fuss about it?
Truman has also been through the trauma of surgery and that can throw the digestive system off a bit too. Is he on anything like pain meds or anti-inflammatories after his surgery - once again they can affect your bullies system. Just a thought ....
Thanks everyone! He's not on any meds anymore from his surgery and he doesn't seem to fret about his crate - he's crated in there for a couple hours during the day without issue or fuss and he goes to bed at night without a peep until he has to poop. (Or right after, as he did last night) I made a vet apt since this can't go on for either of us!
try to mix the dry food with activia yogurt and ad a litlle water mixed it all together and gave him pepcid twice a day
Thanks, Truman went to the vet and tested negative for giardia but there wasn't enough for a full fecal so he is on Panacur and metrodinzole to help stop him up. He's also been on a bland diet for two days and had his first bit of regular food today. He's been getting a little yogurt too, a teaspoon once every other day. So far, so good...he has produced some solid stools but has been wanting to get up at night now just for kicks. :(

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