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May 5, 2022
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EXACTLY!!! Support means suggestions... ALL dogs are different and it's not a "one size fits all" mentality here. PLUS you have to consider an individuals economic status as well... not everyone can afford raw and/or natural supplements.

I do give Suggestions, and people either take it or not, no issue. I can suggest and recommend, but it’s a suggestion.
I am on here to support and suggest/recommend.

I am not anti- kibble, at all, there are definitely good kibbles out there that I highly recommend. Even on a budget I can recommend a bunch of good kibbles.

If someone is on a tight budget, I would suggest a good cost effective kibble.

Everyone is different, feeding dogs raw is something people either do or don’t want to do, I am not against kibble or people not feeding raw.

Every dog is different and what May work for one dog may not work for another, everyone is different. It’s all trial and error.

I respect everyone decisions and opinion, not everyone agrees but there is no reason to not give suggestions to people that are looking for advice.

Just wanted to make this all clear.


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May 5, 2022
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So you have personal knowledge on growing bulldog puppies and protein affecting their growth? How many bulldogs have you raised and how many litters have you had? Do you own a bulldog?

I’ve been very nice by usually not responding to your posts but you’re a little bit of a bully by telling everyone what they need to do instead of just offering advice. Just because your French bulldog does well on something, doesn’t mean other dogs are going to. Every dog is different! You try and make people feel bad if they opt to give medication. That’s not offering support, and You make people feel bad for feeding kibble. And to you everything is food and allergy related and that’s just not realistic.

And personally anyone that recommends using a squirt gun on a PUPPY that is potty training and going to have accidents is not really good advice.

Yes I have had puppies growth being effected by too high protein food(It was Orijen kibble) and yes it did effect the growth. This was 10 years ago.

I had raised 1 litter of English bulldogs, that was 10 years ago. And my bulldog I did own, he is gone now, and I would get another in the future, just not right now.


Let’s make 1 thing clear, I am NOT a bully, and would never want anyone to feel that way, I have been bullied in the past and I would NEVER bully anyone, EVER!!!!
If for any reason someone or you took it that way I’m sorry, that’s NOT my intention and I would Never make people feel that way.

I offer advice, people either take it or leave it. My recommendations, same thing people either take it or leave it, no issue.
I try to make my advice/suggestions come good not rude in any way.
I am not Telling people what to do and what not to do, recommendations and suggestions is NOT telling people what to do and I try not to make it come across that way.

Yes every dog is different, some people want to only use medications from the vet and no natural stuff, but that’s ok. Everyone is different and I respect that, everyone is different and makes their own choices for their dogs.

I am NOT anti-kibble, I can recommend highly quality kibble, even for a tight budget people have. People feed what they want, but if it’s RC , hills or low end food, that’s when I suggest a higher quality kibble.

Raw diet is not for everyone, and people have their own opinion and thoughts regarding that, and some people don’t have the freezer space etc. But raw diet is not for everyone and I can recommend other good foods instead.

I do not try to make people feel bad by feeding kibble, or give medications, I can recommend something to try instead, but people take it or leave it, but I also do share my experiences too.

Not everything to me is food and allergies related, I have gave health related advice without asking about diet or allergies(airway issues for example and flea and tick prevention causing head tremors for example ). However if some health issues can be managed thru better diet, that’s what I give advice on.
training is also not diet or supplement related so I actually don’t ask about either.

1 of my dogs doesn’t do well with something my other dog does well on, that’s a good example of what works for 1 dog may not work for another. Do what works for the dog.

For the ‘squirt gun’, it’s a spray bottle I have recommended once or twice. It’s 100% water! ZERO harm if that’s the only choice there is, i know 4 people who have recommended it to me to use(one of them being a vet that recommended it) because sometimes dogs can be so stubborn you don’t have many options.

I am a VERY good dog mom, and all I want is the best for my dogs, I would NEVER do anything to harm or hurt or scare them-EVER and I wouldn’t recommend someone else either! Water is 100% safe, do you give your dog a bath? Does dogs drink water? Do dogs walk in the pond or a doggy pool?
Yes some dogs do, it’s no different for a little water to get on the dog during a phase where dog is being stubborn.
Treats and praise is the reward, and always my go to, never anything harmful or mean. Training dogs with good experience is best but every dog is different, one of my dogs actually was being extremely stubborn for house training and my vet and 3 other people recommended the spray bottle(100% water) as a last resort but I didn’t Have any other options cause my dog was being stubborn.

Of course puppies and even adult dogs will have accidents sometimes, and from a ‘accident’ I wouldn’t spray them if it was a accident, not the dog being lazy and not going outside.
2 years ago when one of my digs was already house trained, he had urine crystals, i knew that’s not the dog being stubborn, did I spray him for peeing in the house from urine crystals, NO!

Ok so you say all my advice is not good.


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Jan 20, 2016
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...2 scoops at meal, i cut it to 1 to see what happen.
We feed our adult dogs 1 cup in AM and 1 cup in PM. I don't recall you mentioning how much you pup weighs or how old but cutting the food ration in half(as you have done) should make a big difference. It's good that you have had your Vet do a fecal exam and ruled out other concerns. We feed Zignature kibble. It's good stuff. There may be better quality foods available but for the $$$, it's the best we've found. Please post pics if you get a chance.


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Jan 9, 2022
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For what it is worth, I think the food you are feeding is great. I have gone through many suggested brands of food for my bulldog and the Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach has worked best for me - and that particular line is well rated.

Which protein are you feeding? The sensitive skin and stomach comes in a few different varieties.

My guess is you are giving way too much food. How large is the scoop you are using (looks like 1 cup)? Are you feeding the adult or the puppy version of that food?

at 2-3 months you should be feeding no more than 200 - 230 grams of the pro plan sensitive skin puppy per day. that's no more than 2 cups total per day, you may need even a little less than that.

This will go up every month until you are at 2 3/4 cups at month 5-6, and come back down starting at month 7-8 til you can get back to about 2 cups per day around a year or so. You should be able to maintain weight and start adjusting the amount you give based on how the bulldog's body reacts every couple of weeks.
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Jun 20, 2020
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EXACTLY!!! Support means suggestions... ALL dogs are different and it's not a "one size fits all" mentality here. PLUS you have to consider an individuals economic status as well... not everyone can afford raw and/or natural supplements.
You didn't mention how long you or if you did any transition from brand to brand so he may be sensitive to chicken that's in Royal canin. My Bruno was on Royal Canin when we first got him but he had very soft poop so we switched him to Zignature. He did great on Whitefish switched him to Turkey same brand but he had diarreah that was getting worse after a week of slow transition. So I slowly switched him back to the white fish and he great again. Sometimes you have to wait for the bad to clear his system before you can rule out the protein. He has been great on Kangaroo and Whitefish from Zignature but no good on Pork or Turkey. It's a trial and error with food, but you need to slowly transition them into a new brand and protein. Hope this helps, good luck!

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