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Jun 24, 2010
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Ugh! Last night we went out and got Halo some more Acana Pacifica and once there I noticed all the bags were no longer vacuum sealed, I just assumed that they changed the packaging since every bag of Acana/Orijen was like this except one (which I assued was from the last shipment).

I asked the store owner and she said something crazy like it depends on the heat of the food once packaged all I could say was oh :rolleyes: Its not a very well lit store so I couldn't get a very good look at it there but once home I decided to lay the bag down and push to find out if it was still sealed good. and Of course I find 2 small holes where the air is leaking out and if I didn't have OCD over my dogs food I would had never of noticed.

So should I return it or am I over reacting? I think about it this way, you wouldn't buy a bag of chips with a small hole in the bag because the contents inside would be stale. :eek:
ok would definately take it back! I got a bag of "sour" food before and it coated me $275 in vet bills before I figured out it was that the food was sour. One problem with good food- you must be sure it is fresh- compared to feeding low grade foods that are full of preservatives.
I would contact manufacturer first and tell them about this so they can check shipments for problems. They may send you some coupons too. I definitely return to store for refund and purchase elsewhere since their staff doesn't seem too knowledgeable about the products they sell!
I did e-mail the company since it was late yesterday and they are not open today to call. I am taking the bag back today and I will check the other bags again while I am there. I am kinda in the country so not a lot of stores sell Acana so it may turn into a road trip today :)
Good information. When I bought my first bag of TOTW, it had a little hole in it and I said I wanted a different bag but the clerk offered $5 so I took it. Oops! Better safe than sorry, not worth a big vet bill!
I would take it back. Even if the food isn't "sour" then you have to ask, Why are there small holes? Did something make it, like a bug or worm of some kind? I was at our Pet SuperMarket last week and there was a women there returning food. She said it had worms, she said when she first opened it, she never noticed but then her dog got very sick. She looked very close and saw the worms. When she was returning it, she was checking the other bags and that one had them too, so she left w/o any. It was a different brand that we use, but I looked very closely at our bag. Just in case the infestation was in the store.
Thanks everyone I returned the bag, better safe than sorry =)

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