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    Just put bulldog sticker, or bulldog magnet in the search box
    they have bumper stickers, magnets, loads of things bully.......have fun looking!! I think I am gonna get a magnet...we have a used car lot and I drive something different all the time, so I can easily move a magnet from one vehicle to another...
    BCARN which is the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network lists a rescue in Long Island, but I checked and that one is in New York. Are you currently on Face Book? I have a great many friends on FB who are active in rescue, one friend in particular is associated with BCARN. Let me know if you are on FB, and I will get her name. The dontshop--adopt came about through some of my FB friends, who also happen to be bulldogs. They are trying to raise awareness of the dire circumstances of shelter and rescue dogs, and to end the selling of puppy mill puppies, and the back yard breeders, that sell their puppies with no concern for what hapens to them afterward. I have a 2-year old bully named Otis, and he is my heart! It realy hurts me to see a bully mistreated and in a shelter...
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