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Dec 28, 2010
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After all the medical bills we had with Cassie, I've been looking around at health insurance for Belly. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good one that they use. Does your vet have to approve the insurance or do they take them all? :confused:
[MENTION=1652]Angelgirl[/MENTION] I have pet insurance for Samson, I have VPI and I love it. I got it just months after I got him and have had it for about 4 years now. I recently calculated it all and I have been reimbursed more in claims than I ever paid in premiums, they have LOST money on me. But we have had alot of random things come up (ALOT of claims) which is what I anticipated with a bulldog and why I got it. You don't have to worry about any vets taking it or not, it doesn't work like human health insurance. You take a claim form to the vet with you, they fill it out, then you fax that in with the receipt. Then they have like 30 days to send you your reimbursement check.
We have Trupanion ... it was recommended by another member on here,and I liked it because we could choose to have no deductible or the amount we want to pay. There is also no limit on their pay outs.

However, we have never had to use it until now and we have Maggie at a neurological specialist for some kind of seizure like episodes. She had an MRI on Tuesday and they found fluid on the brain which they are confident is congenital and is NOT causing these episodes. I'm about to send in my first claim for a bill of $1700. SO I can tell you very soon whether Trupanion is good or not!!!!!!
So glad you asked this question! I was wondering about pet insurance myself. Can you get insurance for a dog no matter what the age of the dog is, or do they need to be a puppy? I was trying to do research on it, and I go back and forth on whether the insurance is worth it or not.
[MENTION=1244]BullyB[/MENTION] I know that Trupanion has something on their website and you put in all your dogs details and it will give you a quote, but it also shows you how they compare with other insurance companies. I did check on these quotes and Trupanion had not quoted the other companies with wrong figures.

You will find that ALL insurance companies will not cover existing medical issues. So it really depends on how many health problems your older bullie has had already, because anything related to those conditions will not be covered.
Thank you so much [MENTION=959]kazzy220[/MENTION] and [MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION] I'll check into both of those. Better safe than sorry in the long run.
I've been thinking I should get insurance on the girls, but haven't done it yet. I have a question, for those who have ins. already. Does it cover things like vaccines, spay/neuter, and that sort of "routine" stuff? Or is it only if you have more expensive things?
[MENTION=881]Gertie's Mom[/MENTION] I just purchased VPI major medical for Guinness to the tun of $34 a month. They have whats called Careguard Premium and Core which covers other things like spay/neuter, heartworm stuff and some routine is the link: CareGuard Coverage
I did not get either's $12 a month for the basic and $22 extra for the premium....don't know if I made the best choice on not taking the careguard but we will see.

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