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May 30, 2021
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
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Hello everyone! I noticed that Mr Rocco has been licking his paw bad and I see it’s starting to lift if that’s the proper term? It’s hard to show in the photo. He was at a puppy daycare for a few days while I was out of town where he spent a lot of time in a puppy pool so I’m not sure if they dried his feet thoroughly and that could have caused it? Any suggestions on how to help him would be great!


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From what I can see(photo blurry) it looks like it is split. I would put NuStock on it, rub it in good and wrap it for awhile if he keeps licking it. If he will leave it alone, then don't wrap it.
Ouch! Lynn has you covered.
Hard to tell from the photo but one time Louie had sort of a split on his paw pad and eventually a piece kind of just hung like a flap. It became like dead skin and we cut off the flap and the paw pad grew back just fine.

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