Nigerian puppy scam


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Jan 27, 2010
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Here is another big scam. Especially with EBs!!!

You will see ads on craigslist, oodle, backpage, ect. English Bulldog puppies for FREE or for a small price. If you call, they will say "oh, that puppy is gone, but I have one here for only $200" or something. You send money, you never get puppy.

There are tons of them, the one above is just an example, so don't be fooled.

Educate yourself on this scam before purchasing an EB puppy! Use your search engine and type in "nigerian puppy scam" and you will not believe all of the results! :eek:

If you are looking to get an English Bulldog puppy, please visit this page for some helpful tips and questions on buying an English Bulldog puppy:
You are so right. Right here in Tallahassee, Fl. these people place ads in the newspaper. They use to use a yahoo email address and I kept calling the newspaper to report they were publishing scams. Then they started using gmail addresses. I stopped that one too. When you call they send an email that the puppy is in Africa or wherever and the owner is on a missionary trip and can not care for the dog. They then ask you to wire money usually 200 300 dollars. But the person never gets the dog. I even wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper about this scam. Everyone PLEASE be careful. If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured it is.


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we had similiar ads in our local paper. different breeds of dogs, usually those in high demand, and they're usually free or you only pay the shipping costs. they also gave a story about missionaries and preachers, etc. ending emails with 'god bless' and other terms to try and get you to trust them.
i use to work customs and immigrations and when i'd start asking specific questions (that i knew a scammer wouldn't have a clue about), i'd just get more info on the puppy, etc and never answers. they'd just keep asking for my full name, address, telephon number, etc.
anyone asking for that type of personal info from the get go is most likely a scam.
they also had poor english. the first email might sound like decent english (bc it's a rehearshed email) but when they start trying to answer questions on their own (without a script), it's clear that english is not their first language.
i also noticed that they usually refer to the puppy as 'my baby' or 'babies'. i guess to try and make you think they have a bond with them, when reality is, there is no dog.


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Time to elaborate on the puppy scam.

If you get a sob story about a mother who died and she has a litter of bulldog puppies- they just want you to pay for shipping but the puppy is FREE, this is also a SCAM. I know more than one person who has fallen for this, and a message today from a dear member who was just about to lose $300.

You will never ever EVER see a puppy delivered.

Please do NOT fall for this common puppy scam!

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