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Hi all! So glad I found this site but I am on info overload. I am a soon to be bully owner. My puppy will be here next week. Anyway I am trying to figure out what food will be best to put him on since the breeder is feeding him Eukanuba and I know that isn't exactly high quality. I have read the food ratings and I have to say they appear ovrewhelming. I was trying to find something that I can get locally and it looks like Blue buffalo is available at my local petsmart. Any advice in this arena???

Also I know that bullies are prone to medical issues so I am thinking about investing in pet insurance. Does anyone have any experience with pet insurance and can recommend a good one.

Thanks in advance :up:


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Jan 28, 2010
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Any food that is 4 stars and above will be great for your pup. Transition slowly. Blue Buffalo recently had a recall so you may want to choose a different brand. AvoDerm and By Nature are also sold at Petsmart.

Once your bully gets older (6 months+) you may want to switch to one of our recommended foods like Fromm, Nature's Logic, or Nature's Variety. You can order it online for the same price as shopping at Petsmart, look for the deals you can get from (use coupon code englishbulldog) and Carolina Pet Pantry carries HALO, Fromm grain free, Acana & Orijen.

Pet insurance is never a bad idea with a bully. [MENTION=490]reallyrob[/MENTION] [MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION] I know have it.
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May 7, 2010
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Yes I have pet insurance. I have VPI, the major medical plan with the routine care. If you use it alot then it is awesome! I was counting on that happening with getting a bully but unfortunately we did end up with our share of problems.


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Congrats on your bully! Yes it can be very overwhelming but there is great advice here and the members are amazing! Good Luck and cant wait to see some pics. Silva is on Fromm and has done really well.


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Nov 17, 2010
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Congrats on the new puppy! I know you just cannot wait! Just in time for Christmas. We got our 2nd bully almost 2 weeks ago, Brodie, and he is on Merrick - Puppy plate and doing very well - - so far :-). Again, congrats and cannot wait to see some pics.


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Jun 2, 2010
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I changed my bully to Avoderm when I got him, the breeder had him on Purina Puppy chow. Avoderm was excellent but I went with a 4 Star food and now both my dogs are on Fromm Surf n Turf. Avoderm didn't get rid of the tear stains on my bully like Fromm has. I order the food online from and its on auto delivery so I don't need to go to the store that is 1/2 hour away from my house, or remember to order it.

I went immediately to a high quality food because of the research I did before I got my bully in April. Just tried to bypass all the allergy and other problems.

Good luck and welcome!!


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Thanks for the warm welcome and advice! Yes, I am totally excited to get my little dude. He will be here Saturday night. Here is a pic of him DSCF1802.jpg


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Oh my what a cutie! Congrats on your new pup, almost. :) I agree with everyones food ideas so far. I would for sure get him off eukanuba. I thought that was a good food being as expensive as it is and my breeder fed it as well. Thanks to the internet we have all learned different! Cant wait to see more pics of him once you bring him home. My gosh there are so many puppies around here I am JEALOUS!!!! :w00t:

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