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Dec 7, 2012
Bulldog(s) Names
Hes unnamed.
I just joined today...honestly...because I can't name him.

I've been prowling the forum for info for a while now and I got my puppy last week...but I can't find a name that just fits. I was hoping for some advice.



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:welcome: Welcome to EBN!! What a fine looking little man you have there :)

As for the naming, there is a thread on here if you do a search for male EB names. You might just want to give it a few days and his personality will give you clues as well. :)
:welcome3: I think the name Precious fits that adorabull baby to a T!
SPOT..... we dont have a SPOT!!!!!!

LOL... :Smileywelcome: to EBN.... we can change your name for you when you decide. Have fun!!!
:smileywelcome: He's very cute, I'm sure you'll come up with something soon. People here will give you all kinds of ideas
hello and :welcome3: to EBN ... your little guy is just as handsome as can be!!! I vote for Armani then he can have a little sister named Gucci or Prada LOL
:hiya: Boy..are you going to be sorry you asked this crazy bunch for help!!! :biglaugh: He is very handsome and I bet you are trying too hard. Do you have any favorite sports teams or just names that you like? I love names like Stanley..Jack...BRUCE....practice calling him and try a few out. Glad you signed up and no matter what you end up will be better than "USERNAME"....:laugh:
I'm with Bruce... Spot! He's got a cute spot on his elbow in one of those pics and then the big spot over his left eye.
My vote is "Patch"! Welcome, he is adorabull!
I like Patches. We ha d a dog named Patches growing up. You'll find that even after you decide on a name, you will call him other things. They will even learn their nicknames. Liz answers to Liz, Elizabeth, Smooshy-Face, and Sugar. But nevewr to Lizzie! Amy knows I also call her Mrs Wiggles, Honey and Spice.
Off the top of my head I can't come up with anything other than "no name" sure is cute! When we got Wilson that was his name the breeder gave him. After coming up with about 100 names we kept it at Wilson. What a good looking boy. Check out the thread with male bully names that may help.

You could give us some info, like where are you from, hobbies, sports teams, etc. and we could come up with some names that way too.

Ohhh....:welcome3: to EBN
Bulldozer, Tonka, Rocky ,Armani, Apollo, Atlas, Bailey, Dexter, Winston, Churchill, Gucci, Quinn, Zeus, Maxwell, Charlie, Jake, Bailey, Elvis, Xavier, and Petey from the little rascals, that dog had the same marking on his eye.
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