New here,and new to Bulldogs.


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Dec 19, 2010
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Jozi, Wales
Hello my name is Brian. I'm from Arkansas and about
to pick up my first Bulldog. I have never had a Bulldog
of any kind before but am very excited to get her. I had
a Great Dane for years and years. He traveled with me
everywhere I went. Last winter he got sick and passed
away. I was heart broken and didn't want another dog.

But the more I travel the more I miss the companionship.
I have always loved bulldogs just never really though about
owning one. My wife was going to buy me one a few months
ago and I said no. So after months of her putting these adorable
pictures in front of me I finally gave in. Now I'm like a 33 year
old kid waiting on Christmas.

I will be picking Jozi up Thursday evening and can't wait. Like
my Great Dane before she will be going everywhere with me. I
travel for work and can't wait for the company. It has been kinda
stressful getting ready for another dog. But exciting at the same

Like most others have found its overwhelming the difference of
opinions on dog food. I had almost settled on Canidae then I read
somewhere that its quality had gone down. So now I'm looking
at Natures Variety, Instinct. I'm still up in the air about this one.
The breeder has her on Iams Puppy food. I will buy that for her
the firstround then after she has settled in to her new home transition
her over to her new food. Don't wanna trow everything on her at once.

Anyway I still have a little bit to hash all that out. Just wanted to stop in
and say hello. I'll attach a pic of her on here too. I CAN"T WAIT!!

She is lovely!!! Good idea to wait a little while before you switch. Just remember to do it slowly when you do and she will do fine. I love her black mask. We are very excited for you here, and if you have any questions at all, just ask.
She is bully-ful!!! Can't wait. Congrats!
Beautiful pup!! I am partial to brindles and I love the black mask!
Welcome..... Your little companion is adorabull
Welcome Brian and Jozi! She is a precious, beautiful girl, so excited for you. I know you will love having her traveling with you. I feed my girls Nature's Variety Prairie, and they love it.
She is soooo adorabull. What an awesome Christmas present. My bully was my Christmas present this year but I've had him since April. LOL. i don't think i could wait, you are going to have so much fun!!! Welcome to the board.
Oh my goodness she is just adorable!! I too love the black mask..I just had to call my husband over to show him her with those black eyes!!! I had to do the food changeover too..wasn't easy..and I did it too fast and it didn't work out too well :eek: We do Avoderm and are happy with it. Blue Buffalo food he didn't tolerate too well..but does well on their treats. Crazy. But anyway..welcome and what a cutie!! :luv:
Oh my gosh how adorabull is she?!?! Congrats on your new baby, almost. Once you bring her home you will wonder why you waited for so long before now. Sorry to hear about your great dane but this pup will help fill that hole in your heart I guarantee. Bullys are good at that. Welcome to the board also! We love pics and I am willing to bet that having a new pup you will be taking a LOT! :D
Wanted to add that changing to a high quality food is a good thing to do before the allergies start because it will save from vet visits, usually, i've had no problems with allergies, just tear stains. I switched Bear to Avoderm Puppy when I got him which was excellent but the Fromm Surf n Turf helps tremendously with the tear stains.
Oh we will definitely be taking tons of pictures of
her. I'll have to get a Arkansas Razorback shirt to
put on her.

Two more days!!!! :D
Congrats on your new "baby" and Welcome. She's beautiful!

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