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Sep 8, 2010
HI there everyone I own 2 english bulldogs one female and one male both are fixed.The one that I need help with is my male,he just turned 2.When I got him I didnt find anything wrong with him but now he is so nevous example,when he is in his creat and its time to let him out he doesnt even give you time to open door just runs right out,also when its time to go in he hides or runs upstairs not only with the create its even going for walks he pulls on leash and just wants to run.I take them both out every day and even take him beside me on a bike ride i thought maybe he just has alot of energy to burn but when he gets home he acts the same way.He is very friendly with other dogs and all people of all ages and listens very well sit stay lay down off leash when he is called comes right to me and sits any way can anyone give me some advice thanks


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Jan 28, 2010
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Hi george, welcome to English Bulldog News :)

It certainly does sound like he is a ball of energy doesn't it?

As for advice, I can think of two things. Maybe he is on a high protein diet that would cause him to be so energetic? Check the protein content of his food, it should be around 30% or even better, about 25%.

Otherwise, from what you have said it just seems to be part of his routine/training. I know I have been well trained :) When my hubby and I got together 16 years ago I set the standard for our whole marraige. ;) In other words, for example, I jumped up and did the laundry, so now, I will and always have done the laundry. (whoops.)

My point is if the behavior is expected and tolerated, then he is just doing what he has always done. Strong discipline is the only thing that will change these behaviors. I would start by taking him on walks and using treats, train him to stay next to you ALWAYS.

Do you think his darting out of his crate and not wanting to come in has anything to do with not liking his crate? If so, try doing things that will make him LOVE his crate. Like treats ONLY in his crate. Never anywhere else, (unless during training exercises) and maybe even feeding him his dinner in his crate. Always keep his crate open for him to go chill in when he wants as well.

I think this is all I have to suggest, as each dog is different and has a different personality. Take Libra926's Vegas & Orion, they are completely different and Orion sounds a bit like your boy.

What are your bullies names, and I sure hope you share some pictures! :)

(we love pics of new bullies who come to our site!) ;)


Jul 11, 2010
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This thread might also apply and help you with your situation.


Mar 28, 2010
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I think Desertsky said it all, I have no other ideas but I am sure you will find more advice from others here. Welcome to the site and yes we need pics please. :)


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May 5, 2010
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I made a mistake with Orion and didn't even realize it until it was pointed out by another member. Orion usually climbs the walls until about 9:30 pm, then she crashes. CRASHES. So, in order to get her to go to bed, I literally have to pick her up and carry her up 2 sets of stairs to her kennel upstairs. She is such a pickle. She has me trained! We probably have another 2 to 3 years until our problem children finally settle down and become the "typical" English bulldog. Lazy, couch hogging, snoring balls of fur.

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