looking to adopt deaf english bulldog in florida


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Mar 24, 2010
Orange Park,FL
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Hi everyone I am looking to adopt an english bulldog that is deaf in florida. Age not important and I am not looking for papers as you cannot breed these dogs due to genetic inheritance. I have had exp with deaf dogs and lost my deaf hybrid a few years ago to kidney failure. I do understand that some breeders euthanize these puppies but if you have one please email me I would even do a silence contract.
hey there. i share your love for deaf dogs (and people/children).

i'm not sure if they have any deaf eb's currently but adopt-a-bull rescue http://www.adoptabullrescue.com/ in florida is ran by some pretty cool women. also, there is florida english bulldog rescue http://floridaenglishbulldogrescue.com/ . they're in different locations in florida so i'm not sure which would be closest to you, but you could easily put in an application for a deaf eb (special needs) and be notified when they have one.

hope that's helpful. good luck!


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Any luck finding one?

I have been told numerous times that all white bulldogs can be deaf, and you should never breed an all white with an all white because of this. Just thought I would mention this so anyone thinking if they breed an all white with an all white in the hopes of getting more all white pups, should rethink this!

I also heard deaf bulldogs (or all deaf dogs) can learn sign language pretty good.


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i actually had a deaf hybrid(english/olde) which is why i am looking to adopt a deaf one. my dog knew over 18 signs and was very smart he was also fixed. you CANNOT breed these dogs congenital deafness is inherited and would be passed on to the offspring.

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