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Mar 7, 2010
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I noticed late last night that Dora has an inguinal hernia. We have an appointment on 4/19 for her 3rd round of puppy shots. I know that in Bostons the hernia can be repaired when the dog is spayed. I like to wait for the first heat cycle to end before spaying a bitch because that stimulates closure of the growth plates which I think is probably an even better idea in Bulldogs due to their bone structure. Is my thinking correct there?

At this time the hernia is reducible but I never hold much stock in that lasting for the lifetime of the dog especially a bitch because hernias can manifest themselves in middle-aged bitches anyway. I've had one that seemed to be fine after months of reducing only to find that it quickly (within hours) became incarcerated.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Yes, I called the vet and he said as long as I could continue to reduce it, he doesn't need to see her before her next scheduled appointment at which time we will discuss a course of action for her. BUT, that appointment is 3 weeks away and I am an impatient person so I thought I would check with some experts!


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