How do I get my bulldog to signal he has to go outside?


Jun 11, 2012
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I have a 7 month bulldog Gus. He will give a small bark if he needs to go outside and poop. But if he has to pee he does nothing, which in return he has started peeing all over the house. We supervise him 95% of the time (3 kids make it tough to be 100%).
He recently peed in our bed which was really shocking. I know his crate is his safe space but we like having him in bed.

I guess my main question is, why isn't he barking/signaling to go out? I can go back to square 1 of bringing him out after every eat/drink/play/nap but I want him to signal to go out.

Thanks for any help


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May 2, 2013
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Well you may have to start over to re-train him. I would soak the pee up with a puppy pad. Then I would place the pad by the door that you take him out of. You tell him "you pee pee on the pad." If he does,immediately praise him tell him how wonderful he is, and give him a special(like liver....) treat immediately. If he pees outside, do the same. Make it so happy,cheer for him! Make it worth his while. When the pad gets too wet,soak a little pee on a new one,replace it and put the old one outside . Liver- eventually only for when he pees outside and stops inside. The male dogs I have had have only been castrated but not until 1 or 2 yrs. But of course they were pups. One was 2 yrs when I brought him home, and had been an "outside dog" when he came here,not trained and no castrated.
**Other members may have better suggestions,too. @Walter323 NO ON THE BED-males sometimes start marking. I would have him crated at night, at least until he is "reliable."


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Dec 9, 2016
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I think it would depends on what you are doing/did for the potty training. 3 of mine were potty trained about 5-6 months while my latest one took a little longer and I still don't 100% trust her. But when all of mine are puppies, I would pick them up and take them out the back door to go. So then one day, each one would just eventually go to the back door on their own when they needed to potty or poop. Now mind you, sometimes they go to the back door just so they can go outside but all in all, that is their signal.

I know some people train their dogs to ring a bell but I don't have any experience with that.


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Jan 9, 2022
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We use a bell, I ring the bell or grab their paw and ring the bells with it every time we go outside. Eventually they start ringing the bell when they want to go out. Even when that happens, I still make sure the bell is always rung when we go outside, to call them to go outside, etc.


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Jul 28, 2011
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I also di the taking them out the same door each time and praising like crazy when they did their business outside... it worked great for three of our four. Sigh - our frenchie was a whole other level, but all in all the praising and using one door worked well. They just go to the door and we know they have to go. we also stay on a schedule with them too if they don't indicate, and it has been a certain period of time we just take them out


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Feb 19, 2024
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Hey there! It sounds like Gus might need a bit more training in signaling when he needs to go out to pee. Some dogs may not naturally bark or signal for every need, especially when it comes to peeing. You could try reinforcing positive behavior by rewarding him when he does signal, even if it's just a small bark. Additionally, consider implementing a consistent schedule for bathroom breaks to reinforce good habits. With patience and consistency, Gus should catch on! 🐾

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