How did you come up with your Bulldog's name?


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Jan 27, 2010
Bulldog(s) Names
Molly, Mandy, Jesse, Yuna & Tidus
Thought it would be fun to tell about how you came up with your bulldog's name. Tell your story here! :D
I am a KC Chiefs die hard fan. ( I know they stink lol) So when my pup was still in the process of being concieved The breed asked me what the pups name would be so that they could get him used to it after his birth. So Chief it was. Well we are also Irish so I wanted to come up with something to be his reg name I researched the celtic name for Chief and came up with Pendragon. Sir Pendragon of Brymar. Brymar is the kennel name I planned on using if I breed. Which is just My husband and My initials. Chief really is our 9 yr old sons dog ( he thinks lol) He has had a stuffed bulldog for his 9yrs of life and has always called it Chief so worked out great....
Molly came from Molly Weasley, from the harry potter books. She is the mother of all the red-headed family, the Weasleys. I was reading the last Harry Potter book when we got her. :)

Jesse was what my first bulldog's original name (the breeder's name for her) was before I got her and changed her name to "Baby". So this is a memorial name for my first bullgirl.

Those are my two current girls. :)
one puppy is named adio after a skateboard (my son)he was the one that talked me into getting one so we went to get him and he had a brother and our collie hadjust p***ed named cujo and so i talked my husband in to buying the other puppy and i named him king because stephen king wrote the book cujo so after our collie he was named king so we have a king and adio love them to death :)
Well my boyfriend and I had soooo much time to come up with a name but could not agree on anything! So the morning before we left for phoenix to go get him I decided to look up norwegian names (boyfriend into metal from there) and then I got to Olaf and we both thought it was a great bulldog name and very unique...when ppl ask his name they always giggle or have to comment about it hehe.
Our Bulldogs name is LULU, she was a gift for my olny son. We have a chichuahua (which is my daughters) but wanted a larger dog for my son to grow with.
When we brought Lulu home we kept telling my son "Look, Look" my son was so excited and too young to speak began chanting "Loo-Loo"
Which stuck......
the name is half the fun!!! my wife and i are disney/disneyland lovers so by default our first dog was name Buzz, as in Buzz Lightyear. our next little guy is going to be named Dug, the nice dog from the movie UP.... we get our influence from cartoons.
I came up with my billys name anchor because when I first got him that's wht he did anchored down lol
How funny, I have come across a few Mugsy's now. We just couldnt resist his cute "mug" so thats what we names him. ;)
How many ebs do you have? Is that it, tilly and mugsy? Both are adorable but I LOVE tillys pink mouth.
Thanks Mugzilla, I do love pugs also, they are very much like bullys. :)
All these pics are too adorable! The head shake one is great tho, I never would be able to click the camera fast enough to get an action shot like that.

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