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Feb 22, 2021
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Evening all

I’m new to the site with 1 previous post. We have rescued a 6 year old bulldog, she’s just lovely. We have had her 5 weeks now and need to start leaving her a bit but she is very needy. We are not sure what is best to do. Has anyone had this and what were the outcomes please. We think we will leave her in the kitchen with a gate?? TIA xx

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Jan 16, 2021
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Hi and welcome! I adopted a 6 almost 7 year old breeder surrender from a rescue early January. I have to put her in my main bathroom with toys and raised bed and blanket when I go to sleep, go outside without her to spend time and tend to my horses and mini pigs, or on the rare and few occasions I do leave my property. She was completely NOT housebroken or potty trained upon my bringing her home. My main bathroom has tiled floor and easier to clean but she has had no messes in there for over a month now. If I leave her in the den where we spend most of the day together even just for hay delivery she messes on my couch blankets. She pulls them off the couch and pees on them. If I put her in the bedroom I set up for her, she makes both kinds of messes. Find out where works best for your rescue and start from there. Been told it can take several months for a rescue to fully settle in and I may never be able to give her full run of the house.I may have rushed mine giving larger spaces too soon as she spent her whole life with the breeder in a cage. If the kitchen works out, then that might be your best option.


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Jul 28, 2011
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Find a safe space for her... if she like her crate use it, but if need be use a bedroom or laundry room where they can not get into any trouble. We keep our guys in the basement (finished) and they can only get on their couches

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