Hi Yall, new here and sayin HI


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Feb 19, 2010
denver CO
Bulldog(s) Names
Betty, Brandy, Bailey, Tootsie, Gabby the Naughty twins and then Dalton and Temperance.
So a little about us, I am a Veterinary Medical student.
We have 5 english bulldogs and 2 frenchies!
We also share our love with 2 standard poodles.
I know I know, bit much for most people but we really enjoy the fray.
They are all special in their own special ways and range in age from 6mos old to 7years old.

Some of our babies were rescues and others are show dogs (yep like actually have titles and go to shows etc.)

We make it a point to better the breed and health of Bulldogs whenever possible.

Hope to get to know you all very well!

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here, we are small community but growing everyday! Sounds like you have quite a manasserie! Where is the grammar police? I am certain I spelled that wrong! :p


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Hello MaMaJ, welcome!! You will like it here! We too have a zoo to include not only dogs but horses, chickens and peacocks. I love our animals! Have a blast on here, like Desert Sky said we are growing with a great group of people!!!!


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thanks so much!
do u know how to get pics loaded?
In an album on your profile or in a post? In a post if you start a new thread find the paperclip by your font chioces. If you are replying in a topic, you must click "go advanced" to access smilies, fonts, ect. You should then find the paperclip! :)
Hi newbee here as well... we have 3 english bulldogs ..2 females and 1 male. Hoping for 1 more female. lol

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