Green/light brown line on dog’s gum


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Jul 5, 2024
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Hi all, I was brushing my dogs teeth and noticed she has a green/light brown line in between her upper gums and lip. Does anyone know what this could be? I’m booking her in for an appointment at the vets but just wanted to check if anyone else has dealt with this before. She’s eating fine and behaving fine and hasn’t had her gums bleed, but her mouth has been smelling a bit lately. No change in diet or exercise. The only thing is she likes to sneak out into the garden and will drink rain water that has pooled in certain areas despite having perfectly clean water at home. She’s regular on her worming and tick and flea treatment. I’m really worried for her..


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Could it be hair? Does she lick her feet ever?
have you rubbed your finger along it to see if it comes off? Louie gets something similar sometimes and it’s just little hairs basically.
Hi all, it did turn out it was hairs. Hadn’t realised this was a thing, so will be adding teeth hair removal to her daily cleaning routine! Thank you for the help :)
I never thought of it before.. happy all is well

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