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Feb 19, 2015
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Did the ingrown eyelashes grow back?

My vet has plucked them all(he had 8 in 1 eye and then 5 in the other eye). The vet plucked ALL of them, eyes were much better then they grew back in less than 1-2 months, he only has 6 total that grew back that are there right now, they tried plucking them while he is awake but they are too thin for the tweezers and the vet told us that the only way to truly get rid of them for good is that to go to vet eye specialist for him and they would have to use a laser around all the ingrown eyelashes so they won’t grow back, but if we don’t go there for laser then the vet said the ingrown eyelashes will just grow back, might not be immediately coming back but definitely a 95% chance they will grow back eventually.

Did you have to see a eye specialist? Did your regular vet just pluck them and sedate him??

How long did the ingrown eyelash surgery take?

Did they do laser therapy on it to get rid of it for good?

Just curious cause I don’t really want to take him to a eye specialist just for ingrown eyelashes if my vet can pluck them possibly?
My advice is do not to wait on eye issues and trust me, they are not 'just ingrown eyelashes". They can do a lot of serious damage as I found out. Buster came with entropion and had surgery 4 days after we got him. Unfortunately, the damage was already done and his eye was badly scarred. A few months later, he bumped that eye, ruptured it and had to have a corneal graft. $$$$ at an emergency Opthalmologist. My bully vet did the entropion, he is very knowledgeable and experienced and I trust him completely, but now Buster always goes to an eye specialist. It is well worth it.

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