Fromm Family Foods How Much Kibble is in the Jar Contest ~ENTER HERE~

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Nov 5, 2013
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I'm going to guess 39,850 pieces


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Jun 22, 2013
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The concept is simple, try to guess how much kibble is in the jar! Jar size is 8 1/2" to the top and 26 1/2" round from the middle point. This is a classic fish bowl!.

The staff will update each member's guesses at the bottom of this post as much as possible. But make sure you read all posts and guesses from all members to make sure you are abiding by this contest's rules.

Here are the rules of the game! Important, please read!

No two people can guess the same number of kibble, and guessing only 1 more than another is not allowed.

Example, if a member guesses there is 25,000 pieces, you cannot guess 25,001 pieces. If you guess the same number or number plus one, we will automatically add 100 to your guess.

If it just so happens that your guess plus 100 also is another member's guess or one above we will keep adding 100 to the number until it comes out, so make your guess accordingly!!!!

This contest is sponsored by Fromm Family Foods!

Winner of this contest will receive 1 voucher for a FREE 26lb bag of Fromm Four Star Formula!

Introducing the newest Fromm Four Star Grain Free food, Lamb and Lentil! It is just starting to stock on shelves now so contact your nearest Fromm retailer!

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  • To enter simply reply to this topic with your kibble guess.
  • The member who comes closest, either over or under, doesn't matter, wins the prize
  • Winner will be notified via personal messages and winning announcement
  • Prize will be sent from Fromm Family Foods so your address will be shared with them
  • All members of English Bulldog News may enter this contest
  • Deadline to enter is April 25th, 2014

Current guesses per user: (to post #32 )

1,127 = JennieS
1,245 = stacyhynum
2,400 = Lisabear123
2,777 = Anamaida
3,412 = Sherry3102
3,468 = Jocha25
4,210 = 2bullymama
4,500 = rachelb
4,850 = Lindathedogsmaid
5,013 = KMARINO
5,435 = Heather Taylor
5,837 = devilsihangelinca
6,713 = 4flowers
7,842 = xxaprilrose
8,321 = boomsboo
8,637 = Shannon Cascioli
8,950 = Krutch N Stella Ring
9,958 = Cosis
10,000 = Petra
10,870 = Decimus
11,700 = SuzyAhmed
12,345 = HTX Bully
12,606 = Samantha Orts
13,208 = katielyn
15,836 = ftse 100
16,482 = Littleeagle
25,120 = aprilemari
34,236 = Cuddles116
62,500 = Baby G[/QUOTE]


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May 5, 2010
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Come on peeps! Get your guess in! Even if you don't feed can ask to have it donated if you win! Place your guess before time runs out!
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