Don't you love doggie bath day!?


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Jan 27, 2010
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Today is going to be busy, cuz its doggie bath day! I love it when our bullies are fresh and clean!

We are also going to be coloring Easter eggs today, cuz the Easter Bunny comes tomorrow!
was bath morning at our house too, then out to work in the garden. I forgot how much Horse loves to dig and lay in the cool dirt as I get the garden ready for planting!!!
We need a bath day here but it is raining so that will be in a few days. Cracks me up that my boys get SO excited for a bath but hate the actual part of taking one. I guess because they know cookies follow. ;)
haha. did your dogs help you color the easter eggs? ;)

my female eb LOVES taking a bath. she use to hate it as a pup, but now she'll race and stand beside the tub and wait for you to help her get in. i guess bc she knows she's going to feel better after a good bath.

my boys don't love the bath. they're fine once you get them in there, but you have to trick them into the bathroom, then shut the doors ;) my big 65lb alapaha makes himself dead weight and has a look of horror on his face when you pick him up to put him in the bath. the boys LOVE to be dirty. they're also the two mostly white dogs, but not so much after they go roll around in the ONE part of the yard that doesn't have grass, so as to maximize the dirt/filth ;) boys will be boys, right?
LOL boys will be boys!


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so funny, bath time! my son always tries to talk me into letting him and Horse take a bath together...haven't let them yet!


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so funny, bath time! my son always tries to talk me into letting him and Horse take a bath together...haven't let them yet!
haha. oh, i'm guilty of that one. i've taken more than one bath with a dog. ;)

dsb-boys WILL be boys. yesterday was flea/tick prevention day. after they got their stuff put on them, what did my two boys do? they went and rolled around in the dirt part of the yard i mentioned earlier, which CAKED the dirt onto the greasy area where the flea/tick prevention had been applied. they always look so proud of themselves when they get filthy!


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Luckily, here in AZ there is not many problems with fleas. We have ticks, but not many. Allergies are not bad here at all, but this year we had a lot of rain so one of our girls is itching like crazy, have to give her another bath in antiboitic shampoo. We have never seen allergies in her before, so this is odd. But it definately is allergies, and the vet said he has had several cases of it this week! Very unusual! Thank goodness it is only one of our girls, will make it easier to get her back into shape.

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